Sync Datto Autotask PSA to your Accounting Platform

Unlock the one-click solution that seamlessly transforms your existing financial processes, putting you one step above the rest (without breaking a sweat). Grow to your full potential and experience less oversight, more cashflow.

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Huge part of our journey toward merging.

Wise-Sync, together with Datto, helped us to get set-up and running smoothly. Wise-Sync delivered not only the much needed integration, but also a raft of innovative features. Both providers have been a huge part of our journey toward now merging.

Jeni Clift
DWM Solutions & Milan Industries

Smarter features that put an end to double handling.

Our team of experts go the extra mile to ensure your business is a step above the rest.


Save up to 30 hours of manpower spent on accounting each week, and reshift your focus on magnifying sales.


That’s how many accounting records are synced through Wise-Sync each month - you’re in good hands.

Real-time data at your fingertips

Run profit-and-loss statements on the go. Transform your financial reporting into something you can finally rely on.

Slash the cost of admin

Tired of paying overtime for fixing manual errors? We bet. With our automation, you won’t (ever) need to.

Cashflow that counts

With an all-in-one solution, you’ll gain the fast and precise financial data you need to make next-level moves.


Notifications just got smarter

Wise-Sync prompts end-users to take action when recognizing something strange, with options to either ‘proceed with warning,’ ‘halt’ or ‘take no action’ - empowering you with the enhanced usability to find the answers you need.


Don’t delete, just re-sync

When you sync and recognise an error, you won’t need to delete the record and re-do it. Instead, simply re-sync to update an existing invoice and retain the original record and audit trail - with Wise-Sync, it’s that simple.


Some call it “magic”

Say goodbye to pesky $0.01 invoices, and say hello to financial validation. Wise-Sync eliminates data errors by automatically rounding and adjusting invoices to ensure the displayed invoice matches the invoice in Datto Autotask PSA.

Minimize your cash flow gap

Wise-Pay is the only integrated and customizable multi-merchant platform for ConnectWise Manage & ConnectWise Sell.

  • Reduce your accounts receivable cycle
  • Zero-touch reconciliation
  • Never chase a payment again

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Finally, your finance team are free to focus on what’s really important.

Request a demo from one of our experienced consultants, we’ll show you how Wise-Pay can streamline your payment processes.