How Mangano IT Increased Productivity by 80x

From living an "absolute nightmare," to AR taking less than a half-an-hour a week. 


Mangano IT specializes in equipping organisations with the very tech tools they need to operate with greater efficiency.


While Mangano IT were busy empowering customers, their financial department were in the middle of what seemed to be an "absolute nightmare.” Finance were spending hours on end manually entering data; feeling stressed and fixing errors.


Mangano IT came to us in need of a fully automated solution, and that’s exactly what we provided. Now a Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay customer, Mangano IT affirms, that at just “the click of a button,” invoices are sent straight from their CRM to accounting system.


  • From 40+ hours down to just HALF-AN-HOUR a week
  • A seamless, ERROR-FREE process
  • ZERO accounts receivable stress
  • A SINGLE system that syncs across all platforms

Accounts Receivable (AR) now takes less than half-an-hour a week.

The number one thing is that now, I don’t have accounts receivable stress - at all. Managing accounts receivable now takes less than half-an-hour a week.

It all just batches and happens with so little effort from us. 

Melissa Spencer
Finance Administration Manager

Customer Story

Mangano IT’s former Head of Finance was spending well over 40 hours each week to balance their books, and was feeling incredibly stressed because they didn’t have an automated process. They were having to “manually go and recreate everything,” manouevre between systems and then double-check for errors, a complex process the company described as “an absolute nightmare.” 

This manual process was costing Mangano IT more money, time and of course, effort. Prior to becoming a customer, Mangano IT had a direct debit system which also required extensive manual input while incredibly prone to various errors. 

When Mangano IT came to Wise-Sync, we provided an automated solution. Now a Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay customer, Mangano IT revels in “huge savings” from complete automation. Customer payments are automatically processed while invoices sync seamlessly from their CRM into their accounting system at just “the click of a button,” whereby Mangano IT affirms that at this point,* having an error is “almost unheard of.”

Moreover, Melissa Spencer, Finance Administration Manager at Mangano IT, states “it all just batches and happens with so little effort from us,” in utter recognition of now having a centralised, quick and error-free process. 

At present, Mangano IT merely spends less than half-an-hour managing accounts receivable each week; a role that previously took over 40 hours. Now, Mangano IT can’t recall the last time they’ve ever had a payment error due to the software. 

For Mangano IT, the days of chasing money, fixing errors, double entry and stressing out, are long behind them. Instead, Mangano IT are now free to focus on other departments of their business, while financials are simply taken care of.

*We've since launched Real-Time Sync (RTS) for a completely automated invoice lifecycle without a single click needed! Discover an all-new Wise-Sync here.