ConnectWise CPQ: Your Ultimate Cloud-Based Quoting Solution

It's the comprehensive end-to-end quoting tool you can bank on.

Our enhanced Wise-Pay integration into ConnectWise Sell offers a cloud-based quoting solution for an all-encompassing quote-to-cash flow solution.

Automate and streamline your quoting process with our direct Wise-Pay integration for ConnectWise Sell. With this enhanced capability, empowering automatic payments couldn't be simpler.

New automatic  payments for ConnectWise Sell

Our goal is to ensure you get paid on time, every time. When your customer receives a ConnectWise Sell quote (with a recurring payment) and chooses to 'Pay Now,' they’ll then be required to save a payment method within Wise-Pay. This ensures the next payment will happen automatically, so you never have to chase a payment again - 

Why? Requiring your customers to log in ensures their payment details are stored securely, so their next payment happens automatically. When your customer registers, this enables them to:

  • Pay instantly with saved information
  • Save multiple payment methods (Credit Card and DD/ACH)

A faster, more innovative payment journey

For one-time payments, both credit cards and bank debits are accepted. Your customers are navigated to an instant 'Pay Now' option, where they can choose to either login, register, or checkout as a guest. This instant experience makes it faster (and easier) for your customers to pay you.

What happens after your customer registers their account?

Immediately after your customer enters their account details, they'll receive a welcome email prompting them to complete their account, securely. Once payment is made, the payer is navigated straight back to the quote in ConnectWise Sell where they'll be notified of either a successful or unsuccessful payment. If a payment fails, they're able to quickly retry from ConnectWise Sell.

Flawless payment transparency with your accounting package

At this point, you might be wondering - how is each quote handled on the accounting side of things? 

Well, simply put, where one-time payments are made, either a credit note (Xero) or a credit memo (QBO) is created in both Wise-Pay and your accounting package for the payment received from your customer, where both invoices will display the easily identifiable reference 'PF.' 


For how to manage one-time payments and recurring payments in Wise-Pay, please visit here for further information and FAQs

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