How To Prepare Your Tech Business for the New Financial Year

How To Prepare Your Tech Business for the New Financial Year

A new financial year can bring as many obstacles as it does opportunities. Whether you lead the company or the financial department, this period is crucial for collective preparation; laying the proper groundwork for sustained growth and financial wellbeing. 

Here, we unpack widespread financial challenges that many Technical Service Providers (TSPs) are faced with, and how to tackle these head-on for starting the new financial year on a steady foot. 

Key Financial Hurdles

Before we dive into the strategies, let's first identify some of the most common financial challenges that TSPs face: 

  • End-of-year preparation: Finalizing the accounts and guaranteeing the precision and timeliness of all financial documentation can feel like a daunting task.
  • Cash flow management: Balancing a steady cash flow can prove challenging, particularly when faced with client payments that arrive later than expected.
  • Unbalanced books: Maintaining accurate and error-free financial records is crucial yet frequently poses a significant challenge.Payment Blog _ Pictures

Effective Strategies for Tackling Financial Hurdles

1. Conduct a comprehensive financial review

Start by conducting a thorough review of your finances. Look at your income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements from the past year, and identify any discrepancies or areas that need attention - this will give you a clear picture of your financial health and help you to plan better for the new financial year ahead. 

2. Streamline your accounting processes

If your books are not balanced, it’s time to streamline your accounting processes. Consider investing in accounting software that can automate tasks like invoice generation, expense tracking, and financial reporting, where automated accounting software solutions like QuickBooks Online or Xero, prove excellent options for all-sized TSPs. 

3. Focus on cash flow management

As we've said many times before, cash flow is the oxygen of any business - and without it, there is no business. This is why it's imperative to implement the following strategies for greater cash flow management: 

  • Invoice promptly: Send out invoices as soon as work is completed to ensure quicker payments.
  • Set clear payment terms: Clearly define your payment terms and follow up on any overdue invoices.
  • Offer multiple payment options: Make it easy for clients to pay by offering various payment methods like credit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets.

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4. Budget for the future

Develop a realistic budget for the upcoming financial year by considering your anticipated income, both fixed and variable expenses, as well as any planned investments. A carefully crafted budget will empower you to efficiently oversee your finances and steer clear of unnecessary spending.

5. Seek professional advice

Sometimes, it’s best to bring in the experts. Consider hiring a financial advisor or accountant who specializes in your industry. They can provide valuable insights and help you make informed decisions, ensuring your financial strategy aligns with your business goals.

6. Leverage technology

Leveraging technology can significantly ease the burden of financial management. Here are some tools that can help:

  • Financial planning software: These tools are invaluable in assisting you in crafting intricate financial strategies and projections.
  • Expense management apps: Utilizing apps can streamline and simplify the tracking and management of expenses.
  • Automated billing systems: By incorporating automated billing systems, you can guarantee prompt invoicing and minimize the chances of mistakes occurring.

7. Prepare for tax season early

Avoid the stress of last-minute tax season prep by getting ahead of the game. Organize your financial records meticulously, ensuring that all documentation, from invoices to expense reports and payroll records, is in perfect order. This proactive approach will not only streamline the tax filing process but also help you steer clear of any potential penalties or fines.


Getting ready for the upcoming financial year demands meticulous planning and a proactive mindset. By tackling prevalent financial obstacles and putting the strategies mentioned into action, you can position your technical service business for triumph - 

Remember, the secret lies in staying organized, utilizing technology to your advantage, and seeking expert advice when necessary.

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