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Born from the need for a more detailed integration between ConnectWise and Xero.

In 2012 when founder Paul MacNeill executed his need for a more detailed integration, he took the lessons he had learned from syncing with MYOB to extend the integration to ConnectWise. 
Our goal was, and still is, to be the most robust integration to sync accounting data from ConnectWise or Datto Autotask to the Cloud. 
While running an MSP, Virage IT, MacNeill and his team realised they needed a better way of getting paid and reducing their 48 days in receivables. It was during this state that they had experienced a “Eureka!” moment and decided to change their focus to processing more automatic payments and accepting credit cards - they saw their days remarkably drop from 48 to just 2 days; drastically improving cash flow.

Wise-Pay has been a defining platform for our business, not just in terms of cash flow, but also by simplifying our payment processes, which could be the same for you and your MSP. 


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Customer Story: GPK, Complete IT Solutions Customer Story: Core IT Customer Story: Tech Head Customer Story: PowerNet IT Consultants

GPK Complete IT Solutions

Grant Klaayse, Managing Director, was a strong advocate of QuickBooks. Klaayse wasn't a fan of moving to the cloud, only to find that the reality was a far greater success than his initial reluctance. Presently a Wise-Sync customer, syncing between ConnectWise Manage and Xero, they now have a complete solution of their very own.

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Core IT Solutions

Adam Garnaut, CEO, was formerly using a desktop accounting platform. They were spending vast additional time doubling handling all of their invoicing, and were struggling to manage their accounting with clarity. Since making the move to Xero with Wise-Sync, Core IT Solutions now revels in greater revenue control, and are making future plans for long-term success.

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Tech Head

Ash Cohen moved from Desktop Accounting Platform MYOB to Xero, and immediately realized over 8 hours of recovered time in personally managing the 'Painful Sync' from ConnectWise. By just implementing Wise-Sync for their two billing locations; they've cut down the cost of administration considerably.

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PowerNet IT Consultants

Daniel Williams moved ERP Systems, lifting and shifting their 50 staff corporation to ConnectWise, Quosal and Xero in one swoop. With four offices in two countries, there was no room for error as they transitioned their business from an accounting system costing $40k+ per year. At only $1200 per year, Xero seemed "too cheap", but the results were astounding. 

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