Humans of Wise-Sync: Meet Paul Huynh (PH)

Our 'Humans of Wise-Sync' are the super-skilled and passionate ninjas behind the scenes, the warriors that champion to put our customers above and beyond, to enable one seamless sync after the next - the A1 team that makes the dream work. Next up, meet our Customer Success Lead, PH!

Can you tell us a little bit about your Wise-Sync journey - How long have you been here? What attracted you to the role? 

PH: I've been here a year in April, I started before COVID hit, and it's still going - I haven't sat with all of the team in the office yet, we've been pretty much virtual since I started.

What attracted me to Wise-Sync, is that it's actually filling a void that customers have. Technology's all about creating simple things and benefitting the end-user, so creating simplistic things where generally it might take ten minutes, it might take a couple of hours to do, but with technology - it moves it forward, you don't need to think about that, so that's pretty much my journey in technology - 

But why I've joined Wise-Sync is, wonderful product! And two, Paul [MacNeill] - the leader, he was really convincing, really passionate when I was in the interview stages - he laid out the plan, he laid out the goals, and he really, as a leader - you want to see that passion, you want to see why you're pushing to those numbers, or why we're helping the customers the way we are, so that really attracted me to the role.




Q: What's your favourite part about working at Wise-Sync?

PH: It's the team! It's not only my team, but it's everyone else! This is the first company that I've joined where it really feels like we're all rowing in the same direction, we're all trying to achieve that goal! Other companies that I've been with, everyone says, "yeah, that's where we want to go," but everyone feels like they're going in different directions but with Wise-Sync, we're all going the same way, which is fabulous! 


Q: Where do you see Wise-Sync going in that direction - in a few years time, how do you feel about the future of the company?

PH: I feel excited about the future of the company! With the whole EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) journey, we're actually breaking down the goals so they're more achievable - a special shout-out to Dan Davis who has been instrumental to our journey!

Sure, we've got a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) there in the sky, but we're breaking that down to "How do we get there?" Everyone can have that big hairy goal in the sky but not everyone knows how to achieve that... so, every quarter that we go through, we set the little goals so that we're chipping away, we're going up the run on the ladder to get to that goal!



Q: And being the Customer Success Lead, that's a phenomenal part in any company. What does true customer success mean to you? 

PH: Making the customers happy. That could be from the product that we're onboarding with the customer, to their experience during onboarding, to the support we give to the customer after they're fully onboarded - provided that we can give the customer a rock solid onboarding experience, a rock solid product to use day-in, day-out, plus first-class, gold-star standard support when they need it - all of that combined, would mean that our customers are going to stay with us longer, our retention is going to be higher, and our customers more happy, which they can then in turn, make referrals to other people. 


Q: Absolutely! And on that note, what does being a ninja mean to you within your role?

PH: I'm more at the back of what these guys do, so we've got the CSMs (Customer Success Managers), we've got the support team as well, so I'm more behind the scenes - making sure that everything is fitting well. My goal is for everyone to be happy with the team - what motivates me, is not so much compliments to me, but when the team gets compliments - it might be from internal, it might be from customers - that really makes me proud of these guys, thinking "you guys are doing awesome." 

Always, the growth of the company is first and foremost in everything that we do, because it's not just the Customer Success team, we're talking about the whole Wise-Sync family, plus the Wise-Sync Ninja Army, which are our customers too.


Q: Customer success can be one of the most challenging parts in any company, can you think of a challenging time within your role and how you've overcome that? 

PH: We're the coalface of everything, so we pretty much know when issues arise before anyone else. If a customer's unhappy, we always listen with empathy - we put ourselves in their shoes to figure out why they're unhappy, and we put a plan in pace to basically turn that frown upside down! There are always challenges, we're not going to keep everyone happy 100% of the time, but we can sure promise that we'll try our best to try to do that! 


Q: Within your role, are there any books or icons that have helped you excel in your career? 

PH: Not particularly a person, but I do join webinars from other companies to see what customer success looks like for them. Sharing knowledge between the customer success community is vital, we're not trying to reinvent the wheel - we're trying to find what wheel fits with us first. In the future, I'd definitely like to join one of those panels and be able to talk about customer success and the journey with Wise-Sync.


Q: We've had a lot of exciting updates and developments as of late. Where do you see the future of Wise-Sync heading?

PH: The future's bright! The future's very bright. We're moving in that right direction, we're going to hit our goals. Provided we do hit our goals, we're all going to succeed, for our company - it could be expanding out to 100 people. What I want to see from the company, is expansion! The more clients we get on there, it means the better we're doing - the more people we can put on our seats as well, or on different seats within the company.




Q: Just in your own words, what puts Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay above the rest? 

PH: We've got the experts. The other companies may say they have the experts but they don't really, we've got the people that have worked with ConnectWise, who are now working for us. We've got the people who have come from other SaaS organisations similar to Wise-Sync, who are working for us. So, experienced people in our fold, is better than our competitors.

We've also got support, we have a support team providing 24-5 support, no other competitors provide that - but most importantly, it's the way we hand-hold our customers from start to finish, which really sets us apart from other competitors. From the initial sales engagement, over to onboarding, we are always communicating with our customers; letting them know where we are, we're taking our time to make sure that they're onboarded properly with Wise-Sync.


Q: We always talk about our goal, which is to bring greater financial efficiency to our customers, from your perspective - how does Wise-Sync actually help our customers in their day-to-day lives?

PH: That part's pretty simple! Instead of manually moving some invoices over, they can click a button and it's all gone for them, including payments, so instead of trying to chase money - they can set up automatic payments, and get that money transferred across to them. We've really got an end-to-end solution here, so once the invoices are moved over, and they've got Wise-Pay as well to collect their money, it's all there for them. So, they can basically click a button - set and forget, and if a payment's due on the first of the month - they can be sure that the money's going to be turning up on the first of the month.


Q: Having had such professional experience consulting with clients, directing clients, and everything else that's included in your lead role, what would you say to somebody who's reluctant to embrace automation?

PH: If you're doing that, you could be doing so much more with automation. Technology might be a scary thing for some people, but you just need to trust the solution - we've got all of these five-star reviews on the ConnectWise Marketplace, we've got over 655 clients that are using Wise-Sync, they all took the leap of faith - so, why should you be sitting there manually moving things across all the time, when you could be thinking bigger picture and doing something that's going to be more exciting rather than punching in numbers all the time.

It could be your resourcing cost, or time - time's always a cost, you're not going to get time back. You need to pay a person to move those invoices over, why can't you pay that person to think of something strategic where you're going to gain more revenue or more clients? Automation, it's here for a good thing. It's not here to take over your job, it's here to alleviate your stress.


Q: Given we're living in a pandemic and the wanderlust is real, if you could choose anywhere in the world to live there for the rest of your life, which place would it be?

PH: On one of the Whitsunday Islands in Australia. How can you not love nice beaches, beautiful weather, and great fishing?!


Q: For when we're not travelling, there's always Netflix! Is there any show you're binge-watching at the moment that you'd recommend?

PH: I'm currently watching Shameless, I'm up to season 9. It's a show following a dysfunctional family, and what happens during their daily grind. As you can imagine, it's filled with ups and downs, and (so) many great laughs along the way!