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Transforming payment processing for TSPs

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Get paid on time. Every time.

Wise-Pay is an integrated payment processing platform that seamlessly couples with Wise-Sync for an entirely automated invoice lifecycle. Shorten your cash gap and never chase a payment again with the preferred choice for 50,000+ payers' integrated payment automation across some of the world’s largest payment providers. Zero-touch reconciliation, smart credit card configuration, and so much more.

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Financial data you can trust

Wise-Sync’s advanced sync technology facilitates end-to-end functionality at a granular level; down to validating each record as soon as it’s transacted - giving you confidence in your numbers.

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Cashflow you can count on

Know which department’s making money with precise PNL reporting. Unlock opportunities to refocus your newly recovered capacity, helping you plan for a profitable future.

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Clarity and peace of mind

Wise-Sync empowers you to run each department as a business unit of its own. It validates and departmentalizes your records as soon as they’re transacted. With the extra time, your finance team are able to gain the financial clarity you need to make your next big move.

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Trusted by more than one thousand TSPs around the world

After doing my due diligence with competitors and different options, Wise-Sync/Pay seemed like the best choice. I decided to go for it and they DID NOT disappoint.

Vanessa Rodriguez
On Call Technical Solutions, LLC.

Wise-Sync has instantly given us the ability to get our numbers in real-time with incredible accuracy. Now I can run every department as its own unit… it’s changing our business completely.

Jonathan Kendrick
DT Partners

We signed up for Wise-Sync and were up and running within a week. Everything worked as promised and the onboarding couldn't have gone any smoother.

Tommy Pruitt
PCI Technologies

All I know is that since switching to Wisesync from a competitor, the screams of frustration coming from the accounts team office are vastly reduced.

Jon Paior
Geek Pty Ltd

Now I don’t have accounts receivable stress - at all. Managing accounts receivable now takes less than half-an-hour a week.

Melissa Spencer
Mangano IT

We have been with Wise-Sync for a couple of years- we still love it! The system just works with very little management - the issues normally come from either user error or Connectwise updates not Wise-Sync!

Nimisha Kalimuthu
360 Consulting Pty Ltd

The efficiency is almost incalculable.

I was feeling stressed because we’re a small company. I’m the owner, I do some of the accounting stuff, and I also manage sales, so the less time I spend on accounting, the more time that I can spend on sales and growing my company overall, which we’ve now been able to do.

Jeremy Porter
Partner, SomethingCool

Put your manual accounting tasks on autopilot, and take back control of your finances.

Our experienced consultants will show you how Wise-Sync can help your business thrive.