Integrate ConnectWise and Xero to Synchronise your accounting data.

Wise-Sync is a cloud based integration service that synchronises accounting data between ConnectWise and Xero. It features great security and privacy by encrypting all data in transit and never storing your accounting data on our servers. Wise-Sync provides the tightest possible integration with features designed to save time and deliver detailed results. Any business using ConnectWise and Xero can benefit in time and cost savings by replacing manual data input with this easy to use, robust and – we like to think – pretty slick tool!

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Why Wise-Sync is so Wise



No software to install or maintain. You can sync from any device, anywhere in the world!


We use minimum 128bit SSL encryption to transfer your data, just like the banks!


We don't store any of your accounting data on our servers, not even for a minute!


We have focused our efforts on synchronisation speed so you can focus yours on running your business!

What Wise-Sync syncs…


Sync Features

Client Information

Customer Details, Details.

Customer details are automatically updated each time a new record syncs to xero. So any changes made in connectwise are replicated with each sync for that customer. We know how simple xero is to use and sending statements is a breeze from xero. With the right information. And email addresses of client financial contacts makes the process easier and simpler than ever before. Wise business owners know the power of keeping your debtor days down, sending statements just became fun.

Customer records are only created when a new invoice is synced to XERO.
Fields synced include:

  • Account Name & Phone Number
  • Account Postal Address
  • Account email address (billing contact email)
  • Primary Contact Name / Details
  • Billing Contact Name / Details (each invoice)
  • Account Code (optional)

Detailed Invoices

Invoices with all the bits and pieces

We know the value of meaningful information in your invoices, that’s why we sync as much information as wisely possible to xero. Designed by a business just like yours, we’d rather have more information at hand when looking at your invoice in xero – that just makes you wiser.

We’ve found that the best system to use to send your invoices is ConnectWise. The information that is synced to xero is limited to the structure of your accounting interface setup in ConnectWise.

Invoice Headers

  • Invoice #
  • Invoice Date
  • Reference # / Client PO#
  • Payment Terms (in days to pay)

Standard Invoices (Time Billing)

  •  Aggregate billing amount based on CW Setup
    *Time records are not exported only summary information
  • Aggregate agreement amounts applied (credit)

Standard Invoices (Product Invoices)

  • Product Code (xero inventory item)
  • Product Detailed Description
  • Unit of Measure (optional)
  • Quantity
  • Unit Amount
  • Extended Amount

Agreement Invoices (Agreements)

  • Agreement Additions (xero inventory item)
  • Product Detailed Description
  • Unit of Measure (optional)
  • Quantity
  • Unit Amount
  • Extended Amount

Detailed Expenses

Expenses like you’ve never seen them before.

We know what you need in order to make ConnectWise Expenses work in with your Accounts workflow, so our technology partner Virage IT told us what was needed to get the information into Xero, to maximise efficiency in managing Expense Payments.

We’ve found that the Expense Claims workflow in xero, leads you to a place where you never wanted to go in the first place – a dead end. We post to Accounts Payable (Purchase Bills), so that your reimbursements and expenses can be allocated directly against payments made.

Expense Headers

  • Expense ID
  • Expense Date
  • Reference # / Client PO#
  • Employee Name (ConnectWise Member)

Employee Reimbursable Expenses 

  • Expense Detail including:
    - Date
    - Amount
    - User Entered Notes
  • Additional Information Including:
    - Agreement Cover
    - Client
    - Ticket Details

Company Paid – Non Reimbursable Expenses 

  • Expense Detail including:
    - Date
    - Amount
    - User Entered Notes
  • Additional Information Including:
    - Agreement Cover
    - Client
    - Ticket Details

Company Paid – Personal Expenses 

  • Expense Detail including:
    - Date
    - Amount
    - User Entered Notes
  • Additional Information Including:
    - Agreement Cover
    - Client
    - Ticket Details

Enhanced Expenses

Plans which include Enhanced Expenses can Add a Wise-Pay Member.

Enhanced Expenses provide for grouping of Expenses into Weekly Payable Bills by each ConnectWise Member.

This provides a simpler payment process by natively grouping expenses into Weekly Batches, for simpler processing of  payments.

More on Wise-Pay…


You should always know when you have the money!

Syncing payments back to ConnectWise could never be easier. Wise syncers know the power of keeping on top of their aged receivables (cash your clients owe you). Ensuring that the payments are correctly applied in xero can also be helpful as this information is displayed in the ConnectWise portal when a client reviews their invoices. Avoid difficult conversations by syncing your payments with the click of a button.

Credit memos not included. ConnectWise does not provide for the functionality of applying credit memos through the accounting API. As soon as this is available, we’ll be right onto getting this functionality up and running.

Detailed Purchase Orders and Products*


If you have purchased the procurement module, and are using it… Wise syncers inducted into the procuremiester hall of fame know the power of reconciling your purchases in xero. There’s a few different features to work with the wisest of procurement genii, that you’d be looking to your closeted apple store to hang out with like minded folk.

Purchase Order Header

  • All Vendor Details (same as customer details)
  • PO Number
  • PO Date
  • Vendor Invoice Number
  • Due Date (from terms)

Purchase Order Details

  • Product Code
  • Item Description from PO Line
  • Item Detailed Description from Product Item Details
  • Unit of Measure
  • Quantity
  • Unit Price
  • Extended Amount


Optional Items (configured per company)

  • Part Shipment – Allows PO’s to be batched to XERO as purchase order lines are received in ConnectWise
  • Part Shipment PO’s are created based on the Packing Slip ID used in ConnectWise.
  • Multiple Invoices are created based on the unique Packind Slip ID

* Only for Procuremeister plan and above

Inventory Adjustments**

We post the Inventory, period.

Inventory is often the pain in many a  ConnectWise parters’ side. Generally Inventory should not be this much of a challenge if you follow some pretty simple processes to ensure that you are maximising the Inventory Module in ConnectWise.

As ConnectWise manages all Stock on Hand information, only the Accounting Adjustments are posted to Xero, allowing you to manage your Inventory counts and valuations in ConnectWise.

Purchases to Inventory

  • Purchase orders for Inventory Items (Inventory Parts) are allocated to Inventory Accounts
  • Each Warehouse can be allocated a different Inventory Account in Xero for ease of Management.

Inventory Transactions

  • When an Inventory Part is sold, a Inventory Transaction is posted as a General Journal, to allocate the Cost of Sale of the product in ConnectWise, from the Inventory Account

Inventory Adjustments

  • Posting of Inventory Adjustments based on Accounts and GL Mapping in ConnectWise.
  • Ability to post re-valuations, write offs or other Inventory revaluations.

Inventory Transfers

  • Transfers of Inventory between warehouses are posted directly to the corresponding Warehouse Inventory Account in xero.

** Available only on Plans that Include Inventory.

Xero Tracking^^

Companies that have more complex financial reporting needs, such as multiple revenue / cost centres can map ConnectWise structures to Xero Tracking. Allowing the mapping of class segments within ConnectWise to defined tracking codes applied against revenue and expenses lines. This advanced feature is not for the faint of heart, but certainly can provide some powerful insight and reporting capabilities when looking at overall performance of business units where not all costs are procured through ConnectWise.

^^ Only for plans which include Xero Tracking.

Add-On Features

Multiple Companies

Additional Companies can be added at any time by upgrading your account plan.

Synchronise between two or more billing locations in ConnectWise. Wise-Sync supports the sync of multiplie connectwise billing locations to matching organisations in xero.

This feature is usually selected by companies that need to sync their financial datas to different xero organisations. Whether you have many locations for billing or just more than 1, wise-sync can map the output with ease.

This feature is ideal for larger organsiations that need to split their financial records to different organisations in xero.



Only for plans which include Enhanced Expenses can Add a Wise-Pay Member.

Wise-Pay is an Add-On feature, which provides Wise-Sync partners with the ability to reconcile payments made with linked Company Credit Cards (or Company Accounts) directly to the expenses which are entered by ConnectWise Members. Each Wise-Pay Member is linked to a matrix of: ConnectWise Member > ConnectWise Payment Type > Xero Linked Account, delivering efficiencies in the payment reconciliation process for incidental expenses which are charged to Company Credit Cards.

When an Expense is processed for a Wise-Pay member, and the Payment Type is the linked Payment Method, Wise-Sync will automatically allocate the payment of the expense to the Linked Xero Account, delivering a drastically reduced reconciliation cycle for credit cards.

More on Wise-Pay…

More…Plans and Pricing


What is Xero?

Xero is easy to use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses.

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  • Xero has all you need to run your business – including invoicing, paying bills, sales tax returns, reporting and much more.

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You can connect every company you administer in Wise-Sync with a Xero company. Simply click on the Connect to Xero button on the Company Details screen and follow the prompts!

What our Wise partners have to say

Wise-Sync has solved my ConnectWise and Xero marriage to the point that I no longer need to stress about it! I made my move from an MYOB solution which was clunky and unreliable to Wise-Sync - and it just works! It's easy to use, does everything it says it does (especially the payments sync which is great for those who utilise the CW portal) and the single record batching is a blessing in disguise (for me, who is new to CW and makes the odd mistake - single batching means I just fix the one error and re-sync the one batch - it doesn't effect anything else I did that day!). Support is fantastic, and fast too! Awesome solution and awesome people!
388a3eb Phillip Paradiso Director of Knowledge Plus Technology
I had been wanted to move from MYOB to Xero for about 12 months, but it wasn't until Paul MacNeill from Wise-Sync showed me the difference it had made to his business and how easy it was to setup Wise-Sync.
2820eef Michael Felder Director at IT Medic Australia
We’re seeing that businesses today need to partner with a number of external solutions to address business problems. With the Wise Sync features for ConnectWise partners, Wise-Sync delivers even greater financial reporting to Xero and provides great value to Connectwise partners.
3dc7b18 Chris Ridd Managing Director of Xero Australia
Fantastic Product, made the whole integration straight forward and was a very thought out implementation.
2144655 Joshua Lewis Senior Computer Engineer at Dorks Delivered