Wise-Sync Subprocessors

The following service providers provide sub processing for the Wise-Sync Platform

Third Party Service / Service Vendor Purpose Location of Subprocessor Website
DuoSecurity Identity Management USA https://duo.com
Google Authenticator Two Factor Authentication USA https://google.com/landing/2step
Freshdesk Community Platform USA https://freshdesk.com
UserVoice Community Platform USA https://www.uservoice.com 
Amazon Webservices Data Hosting Australia, USA https://aws.amazon.com
Redis Infrastructure Database Provider  USA https://redis.io
Microsoft Hosting Platform, Database USA https://www.microsoft.com/en-au
Atlassian Product Management USA https://www.atlassian.com
RM Cloud Infrastructure Support Australia www.rmcloud.com.au
RedBear IT Security Services Australia www.redbearit.com.au
Google Collaboration Suite,
Shared Drive Storage
USA https://www.google.com
Google Analytics Web Analytics  USA   https://analytics.google.com
Hotjar  Web Analytics Ireland   https://www.hotjar.com
LogMeIn GotoMeeting USA https://www.gotomeeting.com
Slack Enterprise Communications USA https://slack.com
Gravatar  Profile Images USA https://en.gravatar.com
 Managed Sales Pro Sales Services USA http://www.managedsalespros.com 
IT Glue  Documentation USA https://itglue.com
Zapier Workflow Automation USA https://zapier.com
Hubspot Inbound Marketing and Sales  USA https://www.hubspot.com 
Facebook Social Media  USA  https://www.facebook.com 
LinkedIn Social Media  USA  https://www.linkedin.com 
Twitter Social Media  USA  https://twitter.com 
Instagram Social Media  USA  https://www.instagram.com 
Wistia Video Hosting  USA  https://www.hotjar.com 
Bit.ly URL Manager  USA   https://bitly.com
PandaDoc Contract Management USA https://www.pandadoc.com


Upstream Data Processors

Third Party Service / Service Vendor Purpose Location of Subprocessor Website
ConnectWise Professional Services Application, Quotes and Proposals, Marketplace, Payment Integration USA  https://www.connectwise.com
Xero Accounting Software, Marketplace, Payment Integration Multiple Locations   https://www.xero.com
Intuit (Quickbooks Online) Accounting Software,
Payment Integration
USA https://quickbooks.intuit.com 
Integrapay Payment Provider,
Merchant Services
Australia https://www.integrapay.com.au 
Braintree Payment Provider, Merchant Services USA  https://www.braintreepayments.com 
Stripe Payment Provider, Merchant Services USA  https://stripe.com 
Quote Werks Payment Integration USA  https://www.quotewerks.com 
IT Quoter Payment Integration Australia  https://www.itquoter.com
Desk Director Payment Integration New Zealand  https://www.deskdirector.com