No More Looking Back: How IT Support Specialists Gained Real-Time Visibility


Established in 2008, IT Support Specialists offer full-service support for businesses situated throughout the Northeast Ohio region, including IT consulting, project management and implementation, managed services, VOIP, and cloud services. They service clients everywhere from providing basic support, to a complete outsourced IT department for larger corporations.


It was actually seven years ago when IT Support Specialists' CEO, William Barlock, first recognised the need for an integration between their PSA and accounting package. At the time, he trialed a competitor and fast became unenthused by their "workaround" solution. Barlock was then "stuck doing it the hard way for seven years," performing excessive manual entry, feeling frustrated, and desperately seeking an integration that could finally solve his unique business needs.

"I was just frustrated that I never had an accurate status of our numbers, and everything was a constant struggle, the numbers were always behind. So, if I were to run a report today - that report might’ve been to tell me about April, not about May… so I was always looking back two weeks, which in a small business - two weeks is a lot of time." 


Earlier this year, Barlock revisited the ConnectWise marketplace and discovered Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay. He booked a demo, where he then discussed his financial state of mind with one of our Customer Success Managers. IT Support Specialists moved from QuickBooks Desktop to cloud accounting platform Xero, and are now syncing both their accounting data and payments in real-time to ConnectWise Manage using Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay. 


  • Cost-savings of $35,000+ a year 
  • x8 greater time-savings from 40 hours' spent on accounting each week down to just 5 hours a week
  • From paycheck to paycheck living, to attaining "full visibility into what [our] accounts receivable looks like
  • A brand-new office space, with plans to expand
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Customer Story

Like most CEO-Founders of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), William Barlock was a one-man shop.

In 2008, he solely started IT Support Specialists and was basically "the Chief everything." As the years passed and his business began to expand, it became clear to William that "paycheck to paycheck living" just wasn't worthwhile. 

He was faced with two choices: He could either continue to suffer from manual entry and just get by, or - he could embrace automation and implement the right tools he needed to get ahead. 

It was seven years ago when Barlock first recognised the need for an integration between ConnectWise Manage and QuickBooks Desktop, his accounting package at the time. However, the first solution he tried, ConnectBooster, left him more unenthused than it did inspired, so - 

As any one-man shop can relate, Barlock decided to continue doing it by himself, a long seven-year journey where Barlock describes being "stuck doing it the hard way" with "tons" of manual entry and feeling frustrated from "always looking back."



The business was living in the month that we were working in. If something held up our invoicing, we never had enough cash reserves to sustain anything ourselves. We lived based on our credit lines.

Fast forward to this year, Barlock, in desperate need of a smarter way to get the job done, revisited the ConnectWise marketplace and discovered Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay. 

Barlock booked a demo with one of our Customer Success Managers (CSM), where we then discussed his financial state of mind and what his main concerns were. From here, Barlock decided to switch from QuickBooks Desktop to Xero, and signed up to both Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay. 

"So, I recognised the need for this about seven years ago. Let me explain that to you, Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay is a horrible secret. There was another tool that was similar to this - and I don’t even want to remember the name, but they have a product that does part of the job and they charge tons of money for it. 

Everything just works with Wise-Sync, it just does what it's supposed to do." 

quote_customerstory I feel like I have control now, and I can make an educated decision. I have full visibility into all actions of the business - we've moved our business to real-time.

From just getting by on credit loans and racing to "make sure there's enough money in the bank to cover payroll," to now being "free from all loans," Barlock is confident in their numbers to the point of expansion.

While Wise-Sync grants Barlock with the real-time visibility and regained control over his business, Wise-Pay continues to prove the ultimate add-on for empowering the growth of IT Support Specialists through complete invoice and payment automation, which has slashed their accounting workload from 40 hours a week down to just 5 hours (or less). 

"The fact that we can capture payments on the spot for somebody that we've never done business with before, and we can do that easily - it's great. It automates certain things like if we want to charge surcharges to a customer, now it's super easy! The reality of it, it's kind of one of those things that you just set and let it go!"

quote_customerstory The Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay integration is literally the connectivity of everything, from financial visibility to the actual money itself.

Today, IT Support Specialists revel in a fully automated and streamlined invoice and payment process through the combination of ConnectWise Manage, Xero, Wise-Sync, and Wise-Pay.

IT Support Specialists now have the time to win more deals, while making future plans to expand. 

"We might need another building soon, there's a possibility we'll fill this one up!"