Wise-Sync Update - April 11, 2017 Release

News   Written by Paul MacNeill on Apr 11, 2017    

We've just returned from the CRN Impact Awards, where we were honored as a Finalist in the IP Product and Innovation Category. The award highlights the dedication Wise-Sync has made to innovating in the quest to help partners achieve greater financial visibility and profitability. Which is much more than just an accounting sync between ConnectWise and Cloud Accounting. 


Credit: CRN Impact Awards 2017 

Now we've had a moment to recompose ourselves, we are ready to release the latest version of both Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay, which included a raft of new features for Wise-Pay, and some bug fixes for Wise-Sync.

We took a little longer for release due to the complexities of managing batch payments and the new overpayment flows when considering how payments are applied in ConnectWise from QBO and Xero.

We're pretty pumped in the way that we have taken an issue in handling pre-payments and performed some accounting ninjitsu to get the system to operate how your CFO expects it. If you're a stickler for good accounting process, then make sure you check out the release notes.

Here's an outline of the key features in this release. 


  • Support for ConnectWise v2017.4
  • Bug fix to allow QBO records to post with Extended Descriptions as a result of larger numbers of Serial Numbers (> 4000 characters)
  • Notifications not clearing when Proposal for Consulting Services is accepted


  • Enhanced functionality for Overpayments created as part of the Batch Payment flow
  • Ability to manage (add/remove) invoice payments applied in a batch payment
  • Display Company Name in the Payer Name for IntegraPay and Braintree Merchants. Making it easier to relate payer information to Companies.
  • Enhanced functionality for Pre-payments processed through IntegraPay, with the addition of the Payment Settlement Grouping now segmenting payments as they are settled from the merchant.
  • Ability to allow payers to pay an invoice that is scheduled for payment through Auto-Matic payments. 

View Release Notes or watch the Recorded Feature Release Webinar

If you'd like more information on Wise-Sync or Wise-Pay, or would like to book a consulting session, don't hesitate to reach out to our team on support@wise-sync.com