Wise-Sync & Wise-Pay Update - 16 September 2019

Releases   Written by Wise-Sync Ninjas on Sep 18, 2019    

A new version 4.6.8 / 1.6.8 for Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay is now available. These new product releases enable greater invoice handling for Datto Autotask PSA, bug fixes for interactions with the ConnectWise REST API (in Beta), refined usability features for Wise-Pay users, and more.

The release highlights for Wise-Sync (v4.6.8) and Wise-Pay (v1.6.8) include enhanced control for Datto Autotask PSA users, various bug fixes for the ConnectWise REST Integration (in Beta), improved handling of inactive payment methods, and enhanced 'Merchant Account Settings'.


Version 4.6.8 / 1.6.8

Wise-Sync - Version 4.6.8

Improved Invoice Handling in Xero for Datto Autotask PSA Sync:
  • We've made refinements to enhance the overall user experience when handling invoices.

Post Invoice As - 

  • You can now choose whether Wise-Sync will post invoices to Xero as either a 'Draft' or an 'Approved' invoice. In the instance that invoices are awaiting payment, simply select 'Approved' or alternatively, if you would like your invoices to go through the approval process, simply select 'Draft'. 

Apply 'Sent' Flag to Approved Invoices -

  • Users are now able to apply the 'sent' flag for invoices sent from Datto Autotask PSA. This new function allows for Wise-Sync to mark these invoices as 'sent' when posting the approved invoice to Xero.


Other Updates: 

Various Bug Fixes to Resolve Issues for ConnectWise REST Integration (Currently in Beta): 

  • We've corrected the following issues regarding the ConnectWise REST Integration (in Beta) -
  • The tracking code validation error when using the 'Lookup' function to find a relevant sales rep, expenses with the same date as the 'Through Date' entered before a sync weren't obtained, a nonidentical procurement error between the SOAP and REST sync, and finally, recurring company connection errors on the main 'Sync' screen as the access token wasn't set; all of these reported issues have now been resolved.
For further updates regarding v4.6.8, you can view our full Release Notes here.


Wise-Pay - Version 1.6.8


Improved Handling of Inactive Payment Methods: 

Add/Edit Automatic Payment Mappings - 

  • Previously, when adding/editing 'Automatic Payment Mappings for Payers', users were able to select an inactive payment method. Wise-Pay now stops inactive payment methods from being selected. 

'Automatic Payment Schedule Failure' Event Notification Not Triggered -

  • In the event that a payer's inactive payment method caused a scheduled 'Automatic Payment' to fail, then the 'Automatic Payment Schedule Failure' notification was not triggered; this inconvenience has now been corrected.
Error Saving Merchant Settings: 
  • Prior to this release, if credit card charges were to be charged for 'Automatic Payments' only (this excludes ad-hoc payments), an error would subsequently occur from trying to save the 'Merchant Account Settings' with surcharges set to $0.00 and 0%; solely due to how the 'Billing Terms Surcharge' was configured. 

  • Now, Wise-Pay will allow this scenario to occur, however the user must select a valid account for each credit card you would like to accept payments from. 
Other Updates: 
  • We've made bug fixes to resolve the following issues for the ConnectWise REST Integration (currently in Beta) -

  • An error occurring when trying to obtain 'Billing Terms' from ConnectWise in order to configure 'Automatic Payments', Wise-Pay was downloading invoice PDFs from the 'Accounting Package' despite the 'Merchant Account' being configured to download them from ConnectWise, and finally, a redundant function incorrectly removing the outstanding flag on invoices; all of these reported issues have now been resolved. 
For further updates regarding v1.6.8, you can view our full Release Notes here.