Wise-Sync Update - 7 December 2020

New year, new payment experience? Just you wait and see! We've got some exciting new updates...

7 December 2020 

Wise-Sync Update

In this release, we've made enhancements to 'User Management' for ConnectWise Manage users; making it easier to both update a user's role and to delete a user. 

Account Admins can now update user roles: 

For ConnectWise Manage users only - 

  • Prior to this release, if an Account Admin needed to update a user role for an existing user, either a support ticket needed to be created, or, the original user would be deleted and a new one created, which created unwanted downstream issues as the email address for the new user already existed for the original user - 
  • Now, Account Admins are provided the opportunity to edit a user's role in the 'Wise-Sync > Edit User > Wise-Sync User Account' screen; 
  • For Wise-Pay users, access is only granted for existing users by checking the relevant boxes using the 'User Access Management' screen in Wise-Pay; 
  • To learn more about how to configure Wise-Sync user accounts, simply visit here.

Users can simply be disabled not deleted: 

For ConnectWise Manage users only - 

  • Prior to this release, when a user was disabled - they still appeared in various lists: the Wise-Sync User List, the Wise-Pay User List, and the Wise-Pay Proxy User Lists, which consequently created much confusion; in order to hard delete disabled users in the database, support would be required - 
  • To solve this inconvenience, especially for Account Admins, we've removed the option to delete a user from the Wise-Sync User screen and instead, have retained the simple ability for them to be disabled; 
  • Now, the user screen displays an added disabled user filter which shows all active and disabled users. If you don't check this filter, you will only see active users.
  • In the event that a user needs to be reinstated for any reason, simply re-enable and edit the disabled user instead of creating a new one; 
  • Disabled users will no longer appear in any user list in Wise-Pay, whereby not having to hard delete users, means we can still ensure historical records are retained; 
  • To learn more about how to configure Wise-Sync user accounts, simply visit here. 
Wise-Sync Hotfix - 14 December 2020: 
  • In September this year, we migrated our Xero authentication tokens in order to use 0Auth2. Here, we identified some customers experienced the error 'Object Reference not set to an instance of an object' after doing an Invoice Sync; 
  • These errors were subsequently due to the 0Auth code change, and have now been resolved.

For further information regarding this release, you can view our full release notes here. To see what's changed from the previous Wise-Sync release (29 September 2020), simply visit here


7 December 2020

Wise-Pay Update

In this release, we've added a new 'Event Notification' trigger to stop those pesky emails being sent out for failed $0 invoices. Further to this, Wise-Pay now checks payments for direct debits that are in a scheduled status, regardless of time. 

Check payments for direct debit in scheduled status, regardless of time:
  •  Scheduled payments in Wise-Pay will now be cancelled or re-set in alignment with the time that IntegraPay actually processes the payment; better preventing the opportunity for payments to be duplicated.
Trigger condition added for failed $0 invoices: 
  • In the event that a scheduled automatic payment of $0.00 was processed, both the merchant and payer would receive misleading "failed event" notifications via email; 
  • In order to provide a more convenient solution, we've added a new trigger to the 'Auto Payment Scheduling Failed Event' notification, which is set off for any invoice greater than $0.00; 
  • The newly added migration inserts this new trigger for any existing event setting, so if you don't have this event enabled - not to worry, Wise-Pay automatically adds the trigger for you! All you have to do is enable this 'Auto Payment Scheduling Failed Event' notification, and the rest is taken care of for you!
What's to come?  
  • A single sign-in: We promise, it's almost here! As provided in our sneak peek earlier, soon you'll be able to sign-in to Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay with a single sign-in (by simply using your Azure ID).
Wise-Pay Hotfix - 14 December 2020: 
  • It's pretty HUGE, we can't keep it a secret any longer... our latest release includes a brand-new, enhanced NEW Payment Experience (NPE). We've been working tirelessly to complete the development of a whole new payment process for taking the overall payer experience to all-new heights!
  • When making an invoice payment, our NPE enables payers to login or register to be a Wise-Pay payer, with the option to pay their invoice by either credit card or bank debit. Here, payers will also have the option to schedule payments for a future date or alternatively, to pay in real-time; 
  • We're currently rolling this out to a handful of Beta customers, with a general release penciled in for early January 2021, but we'll keep you posted! 
NEW year, NEW payment experience? We think so! 

For further information regarding this release, you can view our full release notes here. To see what's changed from the previous Wise-Pay release (29 September 2020), simply visit here.

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