Wise-Sync Update - 25 May 2020

Releases   Written by Wise-Sync Ninjas on May 25, 2020    

And another one! In this exciting all-new product release, our ninjas pull out all the stops to present you with an enhanced sign-up flow, service date handling for invoice lines, and of course, bug fixes (because it wouldn't be an update without it), stay tuned for more ahead... 

25 May 2020

Wise-Sync Update


Support for ConnectWise v2020.3:
  • This version now supports ConnectWise Beta Partners that have been upgraded to v2020.3.  

Improved Service Date Handling - Service Date Formatting: 
  • We've enhanced our 'Service Date Handling' feature for both Xero and QuickBooks Online. This new enhancement empowers users with the extended capability to now control the service date format, particularly when syncing it across to your invoice line description. 

  • To configure 'Service Date Handling' in your accounting package, simply head to your Wise-Sync 'Company' settings, then navigate to 'Invoice Options' to do so. 

Other Updates: 
  • Previously, users reported special characters appearing in the phone number in ConnectWise invoices, which was causing the sync to throw a hexadecimal value of '0x00', which is an invalid character error - this has now been fixed to cater for unusual characters.

For further information regarding this release, you can view our full release notes here. To see what's changed from our previous Wise-Sync release (21 April 2020), simply visit here

25 May 2020

Wise-Pay Update


Support for UK Direct Debit Mandate (IntegraPay):

Users accepting direct debit payments in the UK require a mandate to be approved the customer. To enable mandate approval, we've partnered with IntegraPay to allow for the following process, which is now effective immediately: 

  • New bank account payers will now be suspended in Wise-Pay (until the mandate's approved, and the payer is active in IntegraPay). 

  • Now, scheduled bank debit requests made during the mandate, will be delayed by 7 days from the original schedule date.
  • In the event that a bank debit request is scheduled for after the 7 days, the payer's status will then be checked, whereby if they've successfully passed the mandate - payment will be scheduled. On the other hand, you can cancel the schedule and a new schedule will then be created to be processed within the next 24 hours.

Improvements to Event Notification Configuration: 
  • Based on the recent feedback we received regarding the need to improve the user experience when configuring 'Event Notifications,' we have made enhancements to do so - 

  • Now, when enabling or disabling event notifications, Wise-Pay will maintain your position on the screen (i.e. 'On' or 'Off'), while any messaging in relation to either the enabling or disabling of a notification, will be displayed in direct relation to the specific event that you're configuring. 

Handling for 'Pending' State IntegraPay Transactions: 
  • For any IntegraPay transaction in a 'pending' state, we have now added handling to ensure these transactions are being handled correctly, specifically when the 'Payment Update' is being processed in ConnectWise.            

Other Updates: 
  • Placeholders used in 'Terms and Conditions' are now rendering correctly. 

  • We've added an 'edit' button in order to update IntegraPay API keys without the keys being overridden by 'Last Pass' and other password apps. 

For further information regarding this release, you can view our full release notes here. To see what's changed from our previous Wise-Pay release (21 April 2020), simply visit here

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