Wise-Sync Update - 21 April 2020

It's a big one! This new product release is a particularly special one for our team here at Wise-Sync, and as equally thrilling for new prospects and customers alike, as it showcases our brand-new sign-up experience! And that's not all...

Our latest Wise-Pay update sees the aftermath of a seamless collaboration with ConnectWise, in order to facilitate Wise-Pay as a standout payment provider in their all-new customer portal, which you can read more about below.


21 April 2020

Wise-Sync Update

Brand-NEW Subscription Sign-Up Flow: 
  • Our team has completely overhauled our former sign-up experience to enable a brand-new, enhanced end-to-end sign-up experience for new prospects and customers alike to simply revel in - 

  • Our new subscription sign-up flow enables site users to build a customized subscription that suits their individual business needs. Here, users can quote their subscription, and easily return to that section within their sign-up without having to re-enter their information.   

  • This new subscription sign-up flow forms part of a bigger workflow in which customers are able to manage their own subscriptions and cancellations within our platform, including essential updates to expedite that Wise-Sync grows with you! 

Other Updates: 
  • Previously, users attempting to configure COGS inventory reported warehouses were not loading - this has now been corrected. 

  • Due to a recent ConnectWise update, unposted expenses were not being synced due to a change in spelling of the status from 'Ready to Bill' to 'ReadyToBill' - this has also been fixed. 

For further information regarding this release, you can view our full release notes here. To see what's changed from our previous Wise-Sync release (23 March 2020), simply visit here.

21 April 2020

Wise-Pay Update


Integration with the NEW ConnectWise Customer Portal: 
  • Wise-Sync teamed up with ConnectWise to fully integrate Wise-Pay as a payment facilitator within their brand-new (and incredibly exciting) ConnectWise Customer Portal! 

  • In light of ConnectWise being ready to support it, Wise-Pay customers will soon be able to easily click a 'Pay Now with Wise-Pay' button from an outstanding invoice, which will ensure a secure online payment is processed - all without your customers needing to sign-in to Wise-Pay - 

  • We'll be sure to notify you when this enhanced feature is available, though there's no need to wait - you can make sure that you're ready to go as soon as ConnectWise is, with our simple set-up guide which you can follow here: Wise-Pay Integration - ConnectWise Customer Portal.

Other Updates:
  • When saving a brand-new Wise-Pay merchant account with a long 'Overpayment Tax Code,' a 500 error was displayed as the system was unable to process beyond the character limit - we've resolved this issue by increasing the field length. 

  • We've also enhanced our direct debit flow to ensure these pivotal areas of Wise-Pay are consistently displaying up-to-date information. 

  • Prior to this release, deleted users were still visible in the 'User Access Management' screen - this has been fixed.

For other updates regarding this release, you can view our full release notes here. To see what's changed from our previous Wise-Pay release (23 March 2020), simply visit here.

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