Wise-Sync Update - 20 January 2020

Releases   Written by Wise-Sync Ninjas on Jan 20, 2020    

It's a new year, and we have new releases! To kickstart 2020, an exciting new update for Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay is now available.


20 January 2020

Wise-Sync Update

General Release:
  • Happy New Year! Over the Sync-mas break, we performed some internal housekeeping; conducting the essential bug fixes for Wise-Sync users to seamlessly kickstart 2020!
Bug Fixes: 
  • Previously, Wise-Sync wasn't able to obtain products from ConnectWise if the Product ID contained a special character, such as a forward slash (/).
  • The character limit for text entered into the 'Invoice Reference' field has been increased from a mere 30 characters to a substantial 300 characters.

  • When saving 'Integrator Login' credentials for a ConnectWise customer, the message "Value was either too large or too small for an Int32." would occur - this has now been corrected. 
  • The number of 'Expense Connect Members' via the dropdown list 'Edit Company > Expenses > Expense Connect Options > Member' was limited to 25; this has been corrected to now display all members available for mapping.

  • The subscription amount via the 'Edit Account > Plan' tab was formerly calculated incorrectly; this has been fixed.

For other updates regarding this release, you can view our full release notes here.

20 January 2020

Wise-Pay Update


General Release:
  • We've made further improvements to cache handling following our previous release, which now, specifically pertain to the status of 'Bank Debit' payments once they're settled by IntegraPay, along with where they're then being displayed via the Wise-Pay dashboard.

Other Updates:
  • 'Overdue' and 'Upcoming' notifications were being triggered incorrectly despite the invoice it was being sent for, being void in the accounting package; this has now been corrected.

For other updates regarding this release, you can view our full release notes here.

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