Wise-Sync hits the cricket tonne! with it's 100th Customer

Discover   Written by Paul MacNeill on May 1, 2015    


Whether your follow Cricket or not, it’s something that everyone will be accustomed to; great success comes to those who put in the hard work. Like in sport; whether its hitting a hundred runs, playing a hundred games or collecting a hundred of your favorite swap cards, getting to a hundred (of anything) is certainly no mean feat.

So, why the excitement. Today, we finally reached the milestone after a couple of weeks of teetering on the edge, of 100th customers. A great achievement for any software company looking to make it’s mark in a changing landscape.

Without doubt, the last year has been fast paced, as we raced from a start-up company (standing alone from Virage IT) to full fledged integration with ConnectWise; delivering more value to partners with every release. Whether it’s Wise-Pay or the quick release cycles to ensure that as ConnectWise release the next version of ConnectWise, we’re already on the release plan to get it to you before sundown.

What has been clear is that the 21,  5 Star reviews are a testiment to our committement to our partners and ensuring that our product delivers the most effective integration for accounting data; ever imagined.




Here are just some of the little achievements:

  • 26 Releases in the last 12 months, including major updates to our billing platform.
  • Released Inventory, Expenses, and Wise-Pay
  • 6 ConnectWise version updates
  • 100 customers.

We’re already looking to the next 12 months, with significant continued investment into delivering the best accounting integration to ConnectWise. This will see:

  • Integration to QuickBooks Online
  • Expanded integration for ConnectWise ticket details to Invoices.
  • Even more cool feature.

So heres to all our 100 customers, that made Wise-Sync a reality.

HTG Special Demo 

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If you have desktop accounting its time to make the change. Dont wait any longer.
Wise-Sync currently offers integration with two Cloud Accounting software platforms – Xero and Quickbooks Online.