Webinar Recap | Survive and Thrive: Deep Dive Into Metrics With MSPCFO

Discover   Written by Eve Zaidan on May 8, 2020    

Wise-Sync presents Survive and Thrive, a webinar series specially dedicated to sharing key insights and industry-led advice to guide fellow businesses facing an economic downturn.

In the fifth segment of our series, attendees are invited to 'Deep dive into metrics with MSPCFO,' led by Larry Cobrin, CEO & Founder, MSPCFO, and Paul MacNeill, CEO & Founder of Wise-Sync, and to discover "the new normal" for business owners in light of COVID-19. 


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In this webinar, Larry Cobrin urges business owners to not respond to the crisis with fear. Instead, Cobrin discusses the importance of building a pro forma budget and having a plan that will allow you to come out stronger on the other side. Here, Paul MacNeill adds why it's integral to integrate the right tools that can empower your organisation with greater efficiencies, everywhere from cost savings, to improving the quality of your data. Cobrin and MacNeill elucidate how being able to leverage reporting through key financial metrics, is quintessential in ensuring the longevity of your organization, along with the economic impact that's expected to come ahead in waves - and how you can prepare your business for this shift. 

For the full recap of this webinar, please watch the recording above.


Survive and Thrive: Managing and deleveraging personal credit risk in a downturn - co-hosted by Roy Ferman, CEO, Seek Capital, and an industry-renowned member of Forbes Business Council

Wednesday, 13 May at 07:00am (AEST)

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