Announcement: Innovent Software Xero Platform to consolidate and migrate customers to Wise-Sync

News   Written by Paul MacNeill on Apr 26, 2017    

26th April, 2017. Innovent Software Solutions, authors of the Xero Integration by Innovent today announced that it will begin migrating it's ConnectWise to Xero Integration Partners to Wise-Sync. The migration will allow for a single platform dedicated to the scalability (and changes) of the ConnectWise APIs which are scheduled to be completed later this year.

Under the agreement, partners using the Innovent Platform to sync from ConnectWise to Xero, will be migrated to Wise-Sync, and would be provided with comparative access on a legacy plan.



As part of the Strategic Direction,  Dan Owens, Director and Owner of Innovent Software, a software development company located in Australia, recognised that Wise-Sync was the market leader of Sync between ConnectWise to Xero, and would be best positioned to take on the needs of the Innovent Partners when considering the changing ConnectWise API landscape.

With over 110 five star reviews on the ConnectWise Marketplace, it was clear that Wise-Sync would continue to deliver the expected level of partner satisfaction for the Innovent Partners.

When considering the need to enhance the platform, Dan Owens contacted Paul MacNeill of Wise-Sync, to discuss what a platform consolidation could look like considering the differing prices of their products, as well as how partners would be migrated.

A agreement was quickly struck that would provide Innovent Sync Xero partners with an option to migrate to Wise-Sync with the onboarding fee waived for partners that have error free sync.

As part of the agreement, this would also provide partners with the option to add the Wise-Pay add-on, allowing for extended functionality and integration for Payment Platforms such as IntegraPay, Stripe, BrainTree and Authorize.Net.



Innovent Partners will be provided a dedicated sign up page for their existing partners to sign up and commence the migraiton.

Innovent is expecting to switch off their Xero Sync platform on the 30th of September, or earlier if the platform migration is completed ahead of schedule.