Automate Invoices with ConnectWise and Improve Your Accounts Receivable

Improving cash flow is a key objective for any successful financial management. Minimise error and double entries by simply syncing billing, purchase orders, payments and expenses to the cloud. To do so, your accounts receivable personnel require cloud accounting specifically designed for MSPs, which integrates Xero and QuickBooks Online to ConnectWise. 

Improve Your Accounts Receivable Collection

Chief Financial Officers are measured on improving the average collection period, whereby Wise-Sync's integration of Xero and QuickBooks Online with ConnectWise, proves the ideal cloud accounting technology solution.

Wise-Sync works with hundreds of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), which is why we understand the critical importance of accounts receivable personnel working effectively to increase the speed of both preparing and collecting invoices.

Tax Compliance for Multiple Office Locations

As we're living in a global economy, the number of foreign organisations working with Australian MSPs across the Asia Pacific, is rapidly rising. 

Wise-Sync supports financial departments spread across multiple offices worldwide, all of which, are using Xero to ensure that invoice and payment data can be automated into ConnectWise from remote locations.

Additionally, US Tax tables are included in the Wise-Sync solution so tax levies are automatically calculated within ConnectWise.

Control Finances and Improve Cash Flow

Maintaining a real-time and accurate financial forecast is crucial for any MSP to grow their sales-marketing departments, by way of increasing their overall monthly recurring revenue. 

Financial officers are tasked with reducing financial risk, while being able to sync payments to ConnectWise from Xero or QuickBooks Online; a mandatory component in attaining a prudent cash flow forecasting.

With Wise-Sync, you're provided with instant reporting regarding the status of aged receivables.

Streamlining the Accounts Receivable Process

Maximising capital resources by using cloud technology to automate billing processes, is a key responsibility of financial officers. 

Where the accounts receivable teams can sync purchase order information to invoices, receipt reconciliation is then processed automatically; saving invaluable time.
With Wise-Sync, now you can turn the vision of cloud innovation into a reality for your business thanks to its acclaimed integration technology, which allows for seamless operation between Xero and QuickBooks Online with ConnectWise. 

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