Wise-Sync Onboarding

In the 4 years we've been setting up customers for syncing success, we’ve seen a lot that count as a success, and many that were destined to struggle. Having facilitated over 150 onboarding projects in the past 12 months alone, from basic setups to extended business transformations, our priority is to see optimal data syncing with minimal effort.

New users doing it alone often waste countless hours trying to figure out the nuances of ConnectWise, their cloud accounting package, and the Wise-Sync bridge between them. It’s understandable - being a technically minded person doesn’t automatically grant you an understanding of accounting principles. Being accounting savvy doesn’t necessarily mean you can navigate the complex ConnectWise configuration minefield. In fact, we found that around 1 in 10 people that sign up to Wise-Sync never properly sort their sync, and watching partners fumble around in a sea of red errors is unbearable!

To remedy this, all new signups will now benefit from Onboarding Services. Whether you're just looking for a quick sync fix, a more detailed implementation or complex conversion needs; we've got you covered.

When you checkout, the basic Onboarding Services required for your journey to success will be added to your cart. From there, you can kick back and relax as we configure the fiddly bits for you.

  • Wise-Sync Onboarding Services
  • Cost (ex tax)
  • Base Setup (Basic - Invoices Only) 3 hours @ $265 per hour
  • $795

Basic Setup + Onboarding Services includes of 2 hours getting the base setup completed, and then a 1 hour Web Coaching Session with your Implementation Consultant to see how it all works and run through the usual gotchas once you start syncing. Additional Hours are charged at $265.00 per hour (ex any applicable local taxes).

  • Base Setup (Basic - Procurement / Inventory) 4 Hours @ $265 per hour
  • $1,060

Basic Onboarding includes 4 Hours of Consulting Services to help get you online faster. We'll spend 2.5 hours in getting the basic setup completed, and then spend 1.5 hours on web session/s to run through the usual gotchas once you start syncing. This plan is ideal for partners with the Procuremeister or Sync Ninja Plans, and can be used to get setup to use Inventory, Tracking Codes or Enhanced Expense features. Additional Hours are charged at $265.00 per hour (ex any applicable local taxes)

  • Extended Setup (Base + Advisory / Consulting) 10 hours @ $240 per hour *** BONUS: 2 Months Free access to Wise-Sync ****
  • $2,400

10 Hours Onboarding (Consulting) may include: - Fully Managed QBO/Xero Conversion - Inventory Setup and/or Review - Tracking Codes - Setup for Multiple Companies (additional monthly cost) - SLI Alignment - ConnectWise Configuration & Training Additional Consulting beyond pre-paid 10 hours: $240.00 per hour (ex applicable taxes)

  • Extended Setup (Base + Advisory / Consulting) 20 hours @ $240 per hour *** BONUS: 3 Months Free access to Wise-Sync ****
  • $4,400

20 Hours Onboarding (Consulting) may include: - Fully Managed QBO/Xero Conversion - Inventory Setup and/or Review - Tracking Codes - Setup for Multiple Companies (additional monthly cost) - SLI Alignment - ConnectWise Configuration & Training Additional Consulting beyond pre-paid 10 hours: AU$220.00 per hour (ex applicable taxes)

Extended Projects Can Cover

  • Pre-Onboarding Scoping
  • Work with you during an initial discovery call to determine core requirements.

  • Areas covered
    • Review ConnectWise Structures
    • Review GL Account Mappings
    • Create GL Entry Worksheet
    • Provide direction and advisory on Data Entry
  • Project Onboarding
  • Onboarding requirements are determined based on plan and features required. Other factors are considered such as part of the onboarding process and requirements.

  • Factors Considered
    • Accounting Package Conversion
    • Migration Planning
    • Service-Leadership COA Review
  • Specialized Consulting
  • Work with our skilled implementation consultants to work through some of the areas that MSPs whether new or old can benefit from our collective experience.

  • Areas that can be covered as part of our ConnectWise Consulting Services
    • Service Boards and Service Processes
    • Procurement Flow & Management
    • Utilising Inventory in ConnectWise


What are the steps to get me syncing?
  1. Signup at Plans and Pricing or use the signup link provided by your Sales Consultant
  2. Connect a Google Account for each User in Wise-Sync that will be across the project wisesync.link/ConnectGoogleAccount
  3. Provide ConnectWise Admin User details - We’ll send you a ConnectWise ticket notification with a link to a Google questionnaire requesting this (and we ask for the password to be provided separately by replying to that ticket).
  4. Invite onboarding@wise-sync.com to your accounting package as an Adviser in Xero or as an Admin in QBO.
  5. We'll assign your Consultant, who will contact you about availability and will:
    • Complete the Base Setup.
    • Schedule your first GoToMeeting Web Coaching session, recorded for you to retain for future reference (if included in your package).
    • Get you syncing!
What are the benefits of Wise-Sync?

We suggest you check out what we (and our partners) say we do best, and over 100 - 5 star reviews in the Connectwise Marketplace.

Some of the things Wise-Sync does that no other tool can do:

  • Single record batches – every invoice, purchase and expense record is synced in easily identified single record batches. Never again will you have to experience batch reversal pain.
  • No more correcting $0.01 invoices – with line and record validation. Rounding is automatically applied to out of balance lines making the Pesky $0.01 invoices a thing of the past.
  • Sync with the press of a button – sync all of your accounting data to Xero, with the press of a button.
  • Eliminate record errors – every record is validated against a number of business rules, including Tax and Invoice Amount Validation.
  • Increase process efficiency – with single record batching, part-shipments and full inventory accounting, all from within ConnectWise means no more double-handling accounting transactions.
  • Grain greater financial visibility – gain greater insight into your financial position thanks to Cloud Accounting and Wise-Sync.
What is the difference between Wise-Sync and Mobius?

One limitation Mobius has is it cannot invoice for a future date, can Wise-Sync batch invoices for a future date?

Absolutely.Wise-Sync allows you to set the date to sync through. By default the sync is set to today, but you can set it through to your future dated invoices to allow them to sync to QBO.

Does Wise-Sync allow sync of payment info alone?

Absolutely. Yes, and we also follow payment re-application. So if you need to re-apply a payment to a different invoice; Wise-Sync will apply the payment correctly in ConnectWise to the new invoice, as well as remove the payment from the old. The source of truth is QBO, so you can always rest-assured that ConnectWise payments are kept in sync.

Can Wise-Sync be set to automatically sync payment information from Xero/QBO back into CW, or does this require a manual operation?

It does require you to press a button, well actually two - Click-Click-Boom

How long will it take to setup Wise-Sync?

Setup could take a few hours to days. This will vary on your configuration and knowledge of ConnectWise.

We offer a number of different plans and our consultants will ensure you get set up as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Can I add a second company to Wise-Sync?
Absolutely. Wise-Sync can support and sync to more than one entity from a single instance of ConnectWise.

Once setup, it is a simple charge of $25/month for each additional linked entity.

To get you up and running with the additional company, we strongly recommend a two hour session with one of our Consulting Team members.