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Wise-Sync - made with MSPs in Mind

Adam Garnaut was using a Desktop Accounting Platform with MYOB. Their biggest problem was the time spent double handling all their invoicing. This made it difficult to manage their accounting with clarity on a day to day basis. Adam could see it was very easy for things to be overlooked and missed and there was no way to clearly see if all invoicing was being processed.

 Wise-sync was the perfect accounting platform for running a busy MSP, giving 

Immediately, Adam had so much more time. Now he has a chance to focus on the future development of the company.

Core IT, provide managed IT support covering anything from 24/7 desktop support, through to server maintenance and monitoring, data recovery and network security for over 40 companies, and now find that they have better revenue control and their processes are more structured and as Adam said ‘It works!”

Moving to Wise-Sync saved time, transitioned with minimal fuss and integration was painless. Wise-Sync provides tools for effective reporting past, present and future. Now they can see at a glance how the business is tracking.

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