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Adam Garnaut, CEO, Core IT Solutions, was using a desktop accounting platform through MYOB. For Core IT, their biggest problem was not having enough time. They were spending vast additional hours double handling all of their invoicing, which made it incredibly hard to manage their accounting with clarity on a day-to-day basis. This manual process created a vast inconvenience; it was incredibly easy for things to be overlooked - there was no way to clearly see if all invoicing was actually being processed.

Since moving to Xero with Wise-Sync, Core IT now has the financial visibility it needs. Garnaut now saves immense time, providing him with the invaluable opportunity to focus on developing the future of his company, and in turn, to establish long-term financial success. The transition to Wise-Sync was performed with minimal fuss, while integration was simple and painless. Wise-Sync provided the tool for effectively reporting the past, present, and most importantly, the future. With our solution, Core IT can now see just how well their business is tracking. 

Core IT is a provider of managed IT support, covering anything from 24/7 desktop support through to server maintenance and monitoring, data recovery, and network security, for more than 40 companies from across Australia and Southeast Asia. With Wise-Sync, Core IT now revels in greater revenue control with more structured processes, an enhanced system that Adam declares, now "it works!"

Wise-Sync provides a streamlined and stress-free solution for integrating ConnectWise Manage or DattoAutotask PSA to Xero and QuickBooks Online. With Wise-Sync, long gone are the days of double entry, painful procurement and endless data errors because now, at just the click of a button - you can balance your books and revel in the greater financial visibility and improved cashflow that every MSP desires. Some call it “magic”, we call it Wise-Sync.

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