Testimonial: Calvert Technologies

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Wise-Sync helped Calvert Technologies move from Jim2, to ConnectWise, Xero and Wise-Sync. With the addition of Wise-Pay in 2015, Calvert Technologies have been able to drastically reduce their Days Sales Outstanding from over 28 to 12. Putting more cashflow back into the business and drastically increasing the happiness of Deans' CFO (his Wife).


Through our joint Membership in HTG (Goup 26), Calvert has been well aware of the Wise-Sync journey from it's inception in 2012, through to the global rise of over 350+ partners using the platform. Wise-Sync was an early strategic requirement for Calvert to move from Jim2, to ConnectWise for service management and billing. By selecting Wise-Sync, Wise-Pay and Xero, Calvert have been able to dramatically increase thier cashflow, increase the visibility of the financial performance of the business; and provide Dean with the ability to more effectively manage the business.

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