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Wise-Sync helped 360 Consulting move from MYOB to Xero, enabling their business to grow 3 fold, without expanding their accounting team.

360 Consulting was established 2002 are based in St Leonards NSW. 360 Consulting provide Total Systems Management solutions for their clients.

360 Consulting moved from manual accounting with MYOB to Xero > Wise-Sync in 2014. Immediately they noticed a major turnaround in the running of their business from cash flow to time management.

Nimisha Kalimuthu, who is Operations Manager, was amazed at the way it changed their business operation. No more double entering of invoices. No more wasting time jumping back and forth from ConnectWise to MYOB. Wise-Sync changed all this by reducing their workload and eliminating tedious time wasting processes while at the same time gave them access to great Connect Wise features.

360 Consulting praised the support of the Wise-Sync ‘Ninja’ Team, who were always there through every step of their transition enabling them to change their business from slow and inefficient to totally streamlined. Nimisha values the fact that, even now,the The Wise-Sync ‘Ninjas’ are there to support them as they grow.

Nimisha's advise - if you are a Managed Service Provider; and you’re thinking of moving to the Cloud for Accounting – There really is only one amazing solution - Wise-Sync!

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