Productivity Gains by Switching from Desktop to Cloud Accounting with Wise-Sync

Technology is pervasive in our social and business lives. Out of date software cause frustration and interrupts the office workflow. For managed services providers, the cumbersome process of double entry and lack of syncing from MYOB and Quickbooks Desktop has been replaced by Wise-Sync which seamlessly enables integration of accounts receivable from ConnectWise to Xero or Quickbooks Online.

1.2 million Reasons to Migrate from Quickbooks Desktop and MYOB to Wise-Sync

Since 2013, thousands of businesses globally have moved from Quickbooks Desktop and MYOB to a Wise-Sync integration with Xero and Quickbooks Online. Did you know we sync more than 1.2 million records every year from ConnectWise or Autotask to Xero and QuickBooks Online? Moving to cloud accounting is the future. Automation of syncing invoices and payment processes is not difficult with our highly experienced team, guidance and training. Read our very satisfied customers reviews.

Automate Sending Overdue Invoices

Once Wise-Sync assists you in integrating from ConnectWise to Xero, your accounts receivable team will be able to maximise efficiency in monthly invoicing. Instead of preparing invoices for days each month in MYOB or Quickbooks Desktop, you can automatically send invoices and reminders automatically as Wise-Sync synchronises accounting data between ConnectWise and cloud accounting software Xero and QuickBooks Online. At the push of a button overdue issues are sent, leaving you more time to focus on managing the business.

Reduce Import Errors Between ConnectWise and MYOB

A common problem our customers experience is additional hours it takes to constantly review data entry between ConnectWise and MYOB or Quickbooks Desktop for import errors.
Wise-Sync dramatically improves productivity by syncing all invoices in batches between ConnectWise and Xero or Quickbooks Online. With the most up to date software, your finance team can avoid making small mistakes such as miscalculating tax or dollar amounts resulting from mistyping - saves your business precious time and money.

Avoid the Pain of Inflexible MYOB and Quickbooks Desktop Sync Tools

A major pain point that Wise Sync customers experience is trialling products that sync into ConnectWise to MYOB which are cumbersome to integrate and do not offer flexibility. Take a new direction with Wise-Sync and deliver on your promise of cloud accounting. With Wise-Sync, we advise you on how to configure your business chart of accounts, walk through the sync tool set up documentation and guide you through importing all outstanding invoices from MYOB or Quickbooks Desktop. Move away from batch emailing of invoices to automatic syncing of invoices from ConnectWise and sending them from Xero or Quickbooks at the push of a button.

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