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Summit Internet were one of the earliest adopters of Wise-Sync, back in 2012, as we launched our first iteration as a Beta Pilot. Through the next several years, Summit has continued to grow and diversify into offering ISP Services to the MSP Industry.


Greg and the team were quick to recognise the value of Cloud Accounting, after moving off the native ConnectWise integration to QuickBooks Desktop. After keeping an eye on Xero; the ability to change was first made available when Wise-Sync launched back as a private pilot program in 2012. Greg was one of the few partners that could see the efficiency of platforms like Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay in improving cashflow. By maximising the use of other add-on partners like Debtor Daddy; Greg and the Summit Group, were able to reduce their AR down from $120,000 to $0 in under 20 days.

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