Increase Productivity with Cloud Accounting Through ConnectWise Manage & Wise-Sync

Did you know that a business saves an average $5,200 in direct operational costs each year when they use our syncing cloud accounting integration technology? That's just one of the many reasons why our users speak highly about Wise-Sync. We've helped 8,000 businesses worldwide (and counting) to be as productive and streamlined as possible with accounts receivable.

Easy Collaboration

Whether your business uses Datto Autotask PSA or ConnectWise Manage to process invoices and payments, Wise-Sync makes collaboration with your accounts receivable team easier than ever before. 
Cloud accounting facilitates a flexible workplace and promotes collaboration. For wherever you are in the world, having a cloud accounting system means you can remotely access your data by simply logging in. Your team is sure to appreciate no longer having to send files back and forth through email - instead, you'll view updates as soon as you sign in. 
From being able to view data and work closely together with your team, whether they're sitting right next to you or somewhere across the world, you'll be sure to revel in greater productivity and ease than ever imagined.

Increased Data Security

Data breaches and hacking threats create major implications for technology businesses. By shifting your accounting from a desktop to the cloud, both your customer records and banking payment details are provide greater security than when you use a desktop accounting program, which poses the notable risk of being compromised. 
Rest assured, your data is safe with Wise-Sync. In recent years, there's been much discussion surrounding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which governs the use, sharing, transfer and processing of any personal data that originates from the European Union. Learn more about our commitment to being GDPR compliant.

Automated Billing Processes

With Wise-Sync, you can create and collect invoices even faster with ConnectWise Manage and cloud accounting software Xero and QuickBooks Online.

It’s important to keep a close eye on your business’ finances, and that’s why you should use technology to your advantage. Get an up-to-date look at your business cash flow, and know exactly how much you're working with on any given day. With Wise-Sync, you can acquire instant reporting for aged receivables and improve cash flow.

Automated billing processes provide you with more time to reach out to new customers, and less time spent sitting at a desk working on invoice after invoice. Moreover, by automating payment processes you can save $4,290 in opportunity costs per annum.

Reduction of Days Outstanding

Did you know that the industry average for a customer to pay an invoice is 35 days outstanding? By using automatic payments, you can lower this number to just 3 days.
As a result of receiving your money (a lot) faster, you're sure to attain a smoother, more streamlined cash flow, though that's not all; our automatic customer information updates will also save you a heap of time - say goodbye to ever having to manually enter new information for a customer again! 

Instead, Wise-Sync will do it for you. Each time a new customer is invoiced, Wise-Sync automatically creates a customer record. Convince your colleagues about the benefits of cloud accounting in improving productivity, and let's go!

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