How to Automate Payments with Autotask

Today, banking is being transformed by financial innovation. New payment technologies are giving customers more choices as to how, when and where they make payments from. A core value that Wise-Sync provides our customers using Xero and Quickbooks Online is the flexibility of automating payment processing with Autotask.

Syncing Invoices with Online Payment Processing

Customers often part pay and pre-pay invoices using a mix of direct debit and credit cards. For financial officers of managed services providers, the ability to send invoices to customers who have various balances outstanding and different terms of payment is vital in preparing cash flow forecasts. Wise-Sync is integrated with Autotask so that your billing system can process a mix of pre-payments and payment schedules easily and provides real time reporting on accounts receivables.

Online Credit Card Payments with Autotask

Using credit card payments for paying invoices has never been more popular as airlines, hotels and retailers heavily promote loyalty points for businesses. By integrating to Autotask, Wise-Sync make collecting payments made by credit cards frictionless. We work with the major payment providers including Stripe, Braintree and others so you have choices of which merchants to work with.

Putting the ‘Auto’ into Payment Reconciliations

Using Xero or Quickbooks Online accounting software, MSPs are directly integrated into Autotask with Wise-Sync. Your accounts team is able to quickly and seamlessly sync payment reconciliation statements in real time to the cloud. Accessing information from anywhere in or out of the offices, from desktop to mobile devices, Wise Sync automates billing and payment processing. This improves your team's productivity giving you more time and most importantly compound the business value. 

Affordability for Payment Processing

It is a misconception that only larger MSPs can benefit from
integrated power of Wise-Sync’s solution connecting Xero and Quickbooks online to Autotask. From AUD $99 per month, your company can process 100 invoices per month with Wise-Sync. Enjoy the power of keeping payments up to date in Xero and comfort that your data in Autotask is consistent in real time.

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