Webinar: We'll Cover the Cost of Switching to WisePay

Date: Friday August 18 2023  |  North America: 3:00pm (EST)

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If you've been wanting to move payment providers but the thought of switching fees alone is enough to turn you away, fear not! This is the sign you've been waiting for - 

It's time to take the leap and let nothing hold you back (that's right, ConnectWise is covering switching costs of up to $6,600*)! Now's the time to seize this incredible opportunity and free your business from the shackles of inefficient systems that only deter your greater financial efficiency. 

And who better to influence a business-first approach? You guessed it! Paul MacNeill, VP & GM of Payments at ConnectWise, joins forces with fellow leader Adam Bielanski, CEO of Sierra Pacific Group, to take you through the ultimate win that lies ahead: Getting paid faster with WisePay

Hear Adam's incredible payment journey as he recounts the leading factors that inevitably lead his business to a make-or-break decision while sharing the immense potential of WisePay to unlock payments like clockwork (and finally put an end to chasing payments).

Empowering your customers with greater payment opportunities across a trusted platform for smart business you can count on.


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Put your manual accounting tasks on autopilot, and take back control of your finances.

Our experienced consultants will show you how Wise-Sync can help your business thrive.

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We'll Cover the Cost of Switching to WisePay

Move your existing payment processing from a qualified provider to WisePay, and ConnectWise will cover the cost of switching up to a maximum of $6,600.*

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*Terms and conditions apply.

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