Making the tough decisions: Optimizing your organisation post COVID-19

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Wise-Sync presents Survive and Thrive, a webinar series specially dedicated to sharing key insights and industry-led advice to guide fellow businesses facing an economic downturn.

In the eighth segment of our series, Tim Brewer, Functionly CEO & Founder, steals the screen to take you through the topic on every business owner's mind right now: How to optimize your organization post-COVID-19. Brewer, together with our CEO, Paul MacNeill, will guide you through how to make the tough business decisions needed to thrive on the other side. 


Undoubtedly, the landscape of the MSP has changed.

Having a solution-focused mindset makes all the difference. Making the shift to a workspace restructure is critical to the long-term success of your business.

Tim Brewer
Founder, Functionly

Now that we've welcomed "the crazy," and made plans to adjust - what's coming next? 

When it comes to building the baseline for "the new normal," what will the future look like? Brewer, an advocate for organizational design, together with MacNeill, discuss the impact everywhere from service delivery to profitability, and how to restructure your workplace to meet these growing demands.

Brewer further explains the future of remote work, and how his organization, Functionly, is completely remote. Whether you're new to setting up a remote organization, or looking to implement change within your current workspace, Brewer talks through how to drive the optimal organization design in driving the utmost productivity.

While some people are convinced that, "being in the office gives you the illusion that you know what's going on," the reality is, if you're unable to trust your employees - what's the point?! Here, MacNeill adds the importance of having the right people in the right seat (based on the Entrepreneurial Operating System), and as equally important, how to create an environment that both supports and empowers your employees to be able to contribute to your organization with passion, which brings us to...

Optimizing your organization post COVID-19

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