How Pact-One Streamlined Their Finances and Saved $50K


Established in 2003, Pact-One, a well-renowned provider of professional Dental IT solutions, is dedicated to empowering businesses with the IT services and support they need to thrive. Pact-One is based in the US with several offices interstate.


Pact-One were making the move to Xero for accounting, and needed a way to get ConnectWise to sync over to Xero. Pact-One were also after professional expertise and support, in order to make the best decision for their business. 


When Pact-One came to us, not only were our products Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay able to interdependently provide a complete solution, but our team were also quick to issue support with “everything set-up properly.” 


  • Cost-savings of $50,000 a year on financial admin
  • REAL-TIME accounting
  • From 40+ hours down to just “A COUPLE OF HOURS” a week
  •  “A whole streamlined process” with little error, LITTLE stress
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You don’t need to wait… it’s all just done.

You can see your numbers right away. You have money coming in from payments, you know that you’ve got an invoice, you don’t need to wait… it’s all just done.

Dan Edwards

Customer Story

With their client base ever-growing, Pact-One were in need of an efficient way to sync between ConnectWise and Xero. Moreover, Pact-One were in need of professional guidance and expertise in order to make the right move.

Prior to making the move, Pact-One had a financial admin employed on a full-time basis to manually process their accounting. The company were prone to experiencing financial errors, working extended hours and inevitably, having a lot of stress.

Further to this, Pact-One “didn’t sync anything over.” Accounting staff didn’t have any automation between platforms and various tools, instead they were required to manually process each invoice.

Since becoming a Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay customer, Pact-One are now spending a mere “couple of hours” a week on accounting with cost-savings of $50k+ each year.

Dan Edwards, CEO at Pact-One, affirms “I can’t imagine doing it with some other payment just makes things so simple.” Not only are Pact-One now cost-saving a staggering $50k each year on financial admin expenses, but they’re also revelling in the time-savings that having this “complete streamlined process” brings with significantly reduced error, little time spent and notably, no stress.

Moreover, Edwards attributes these vast benefits to now having real-time accounting. “You can see your numbers right away. You have money coming in from payments, you know that you’ve got an invoice, you don’t need to’s all just done.”

As an overview of their successful transformation, vast cost-savings and enhanced financial visibility, Edwards attests, “it’s a combination of everything, of Wise-Sync and together  using Wise-Pay, and using Xero from our accounting package.”