Set and Forget: How Cloud-Based Accountingprose Do Smart Business

When they first entered the MSP industry, they searched for tools to best serve their clients - Wise-Sync was a "no-brainer."



For the leading cloud-based bookkeeping and payroll service for small businesses, entering a new industry is typically a slow and meaningful process. When entering the world of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for the first time, the answers weren't hard to find - Accountingprose were simply "sold before [we] even signed on," and it was only "exceptional" from there.

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Accountingprose is an award-winning provider of bookeeping, payroll, and advisory services for small businesses in the United States. Based in Denver, Colorado, and Phoenix, Arizona, Accountingprose comprises a stellar team of heavily tech-focused "Superheroes" dedicated to equipping their clients with the tools, expertise, and guidance they need to grow their business (while leaving the financial stuff to the Accountingprose). 

When Founder, Cristina Garza, the Chief Number Cruncher, first decided to enter the MSP industry, she commenced research into the scope of working with MSPs; she was determined to uncover the tools that could make their lives easier. In order to serve her clients' needs, she identified the tech-first demand for a tool that could translate the information from their PSA to their accounting package very quickly - and almost automatically. 


It was during her initial research into the MSP industry when Cristina found ConnectWise Manage. From here, "Wise-Sync just kept coming up again and again," and after reading several reviews and testimonials from users, to perusing a "well-branded and thoughtful marketing website," Cristina felt they were already "sold before [we] signed on."

After their setup with Wise-Sync, including Wise-Pay, Cristina declares, "it works exactly as advertised." Now, Cristina, a long-standing advocate of Xero, together with her dedicated team, utilizes ConnectWise Manage, Xero, Wise-Sync, and Wise-Pay to go "above and beyond" for MSPs - skipping all the "unnecessary busy work," everywhere from entering invoices and purchase orders back and forth, to chasing down payments. 

With these tools combined, Accountingprose frees their time, energy, and resources to prioritise higher-level work such as advisory and consulting, so that they can refocus their efforts on the greater profitability, financial efficiency, and overall growth of their clientele.


  • Cost-savings of $104,000+ a year 
  • ZERO manual entry and transcribing, seamless account reconciliation and reporting
  • Time-savings of TWO days per week
  • STRESS-FREE and ERROR-FREE - no more "unnecessary busy work

It works every single time.

It's always really smooth with Wise-Sync. I don't have to worry that things are going to be broken, or that I'm not going to be able to get invoices in - and I know that's kind of a silly thing to say, but 'It works exactly as advertised!' And with Wise-Pay, it's super easy for clients to get paid, and that's normally the biggest problem.

We’re doing our best to close the gap between when our clients get paid and when they pay their vendors, so they’re not floating cash, and having a partner like Wise-Pay, will make sure that they’ve got money in the bank so that they can actually pay their vendors on time!

Cristina Garza
Founder, Chief Number Cruncher

Customer Story

Any business or organization that prides themselves on delivering exceptional service for their clientele is sure to appreciate one thing: Quality. 

For an award-winning accountancy service provider like Accountingprose (Xero, Living the Dream Award, and Hubdoc Cloud Accountant of the Year), entering a new industry means having to do some serious groundwork. Only this time, when Accountingprose started in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) industry, the answers seemed to align a lot faster than anticipated - 

When CEO-Founder, Cristina Garza, discovered ConnectWise Manage, she searched for an integration tool that could deliver real-time information from this PSA into the accounting platform Xero, with a level of detail and financial integrity second to none. It was during this hunt when Cristina discovered Wise-Sync. 

"We only started working with MSPs after we had found ConnectWise [Manage] and Wise-Sync - whenever we go into a new industry, we really do our research and figure out what tools are necessary. We had turned down some business before just because we didn’t know where to start, and I think that probably cost us some overall revenue, but as soon as we were able to get everything going - it was completely stress-free, so I didn’t have to fret or worry about anything ahead of time, or even do any of the data entry before.

We started with the right products and then moved forward from there but I imagine, somebody who's in my position serving people who use ConnectWise [Manage] and are not using the Wise-Sync tool, are probably working really hard and are stressed out. They need a tool like Wise-Sync to make their lives easier, so they don't have to work 24-7 to get the job done." 


When Accountingprose adopted Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay, Cristina was provided the peace of mind that all business owners deserve: A good night's sleep knowing the software works exactly as it's supposed to, and with the level of detail she needs to be able to discuss these business insights with her clients.

'Timeliness' is the Name of the Game

Without the combination of ConnectWise Manage, Xero, and Wise-Sync, Cristina explains, it would be "impossible" to know whether a business is liquid or not. When using Wise-Sync, Accountingprose instantaneously receives financial information without any delays, providing them the unrivaled opportunity to know exactly where their business stands - and of course, for all of their clients who utilize the same solution stack, Accountingprose is able to identify where they stand; where they're losing money, and where they're making money. 

Cristina's incredibly passionate and dedicated, declaring, she "wouldn't trade [this] for anything in the world"! A huge part of that passion lies within her ability to openly talk with her clients, to understand their goals and vision, and to be able to help "guide them toward a better future," where she utilizes the data to make a well-grounded judgment - 


The name of the game is ‘Timeliness,’ we really need timely information to make good decisions, and Wise-Sync helps us to have that for sure, and accuracy too. You really need to be able to trust the information in your system. And beyond that, we like for our clients to have segregation in their income to really match their type of work. By using Wise-Sync, we can still have a deep or meaningful Chart of Accounts, and we don’t have to sacrifice anything, it's really easy for us to see which part of their business needs a little bit more love.

Maybe their costs are rising, maybe they're not charging enough... again, we need timely, accurate information to be able to gauge that - and there's no loss of detail when it comes from ConnectWise into Xero by using Wise-Sync."

Presently, Accountingprose is focused on tracking 'the current ratio' for their clients, a key metric that enables business owners to see exactly who owes them, how much money they have on-hand, what their current assets are, and where they're either making money or losing money. With this solution stack in place, the days of stress and living in fear are far gone, because now, information is provided in a "flash" and in real-time, putting an end to "wondering" whether or not you can pay your bills on time. 

Financial Data Integrity: Peace of Mind 

For Cristina, not only is time of the essence, but data integrity is also a must-have. With Wise-Sync, Cristina can "just sleep easy at night," knowing the information is up-to-date and error-free; she never has to run the numbers back.

"I can essentially just set it and forget it with Wise-Sync. I don’t have to worry that things are broken behind the scenes, and for me, that gives me peace of mind and gives my clients peace of mind, and saves us time, energy, money - all those things that are tied into that.

The last thing I want to do before I go to bed is worry about silly stuff like software not working, and maybe perhaps giving someone bad advice because the software’s not working… I can just sleep easy at night, I know everything’s exactly in its place."

The Power of Automation

There are desktop-based accountants who fall into the dangerous trap of doing things the only way they know how, even if that means losing themselves within piles of paperwork, countless coffee stains, and one too many hours spent fixing errors, and then there are cloud-based accountants like Cristina, who instead of working harder on low-level tasks, embraces automation to refocus her efforts on prioritizing her client's financial position above all. 


Unlike traditional bookkeeping and payroll service providers, Accountingprose is a digital-first, agile, and tech-forward accounting team dedicated to financial efficiency for all. 


If all my time is being spent on data entry or fixing data entry problems, I won’t ever have time to talk to you about the big stuff - the really important stuff. If I was a business owner, I would really want the advice part of it - how the data gets into your accounting system, while it’s important, our clients don’t really want to focus on that; they want to focus on what I would just say is, “Am I screwed? Am I okay? Am I going to survive a little longer?”

"You need up-to-date, accurate information right now because of COVID-19. If our clients have to wait to find out that things are not going so well, then it can cost them their business. They need to know right now if they’re okay, and if they don’t - then it could be a serious problem." 

"Exceptional" Expert-Led Customer Service

Whenever Cristina has a question, it's answered by our customer success team - and fast, "it's exceptional." Even better, Cristina can rely on Freddy, our Customer Engagement Manager, and the rest of the US-based team, who are there to answer her questions with expert-led knowledge - and in the same time zone.

In Cristina's previous experience, most customer support teams haven't had the special knowledge to be able to answer a question on the spot - instead, a question is typically escalated and escalated until someone's able to "finally get to a place where they can get an answer," but for Cristina - her questions are never escalated, instead she's answered within a short timeframe - and correctly.


Whenever I have a question, the person that I'm talking to, doesn't have to go to somebody else, and ask a question, ask a question, and constantly move it up the chain - it’s answered in a quick second because they already know the answer!

"You know, we’ve done video calls where we recorded the session, so if I need to go back if I have a question about why we set a client up a particular way - all I have to do is refer back to those recordings, and so just by doing that one extra step, which probably takes a few minutes on their side to send it over to me once it’s processed, they're already thinking about what I might need, and are doing it before I even ask!" 

"You can easily pay for Wise-Sync with those cost-savings." 

Since using the following solution stack: ConnectWise Manage, Xero, Wise-Sync, and Wise-Pay, Accountingprose has drastically slashed their accounting workload - they save two whole days of work each week, which were previously spent on manual entry because now, there's no need to manually type things into Xero, "everything's done right, and there are no mistakes!" 

Cristina explains, without Wise-Sync, they would be prone to errors where for each error, they would have to search that error down, figure it out, and dig until they find where they went wrong. 

"With Wise-Sync, it comes over - I know exactly what's happened, there's a really nice trail of things that have happened, and I don’t have to worry about somebody fat-fingering or making a mistake on entering using a 10-key or something wrong, I just know that because it’s all digital - it’s happening correctly. 

Those businesses who do their accounting internally are bound to benefit from using Wise-Sync because it empowers bookkeepers and accounting experts alike, with the immense opportunity to focus on their business rather than getting caught up in data entry. 

"We’re seeing people who are cutting down their financial reigns and are really trying to get lean, and in the past, you might’ve employed one or two or even more people in your “accounting department,” and the majority of their time, if it's spent doing data entry - is time wasted.

If somebody’s really looking at trying to save money for their business but still maintain a really clean set of books and really know what’s going on, why not use the power of automation plus somebody like Accountingprose whom you can outsource to at a third of the cost or less."


Overall, ConnectWise [Manage] and Wise-Sync - they’re not that expensive, you can easily pay for it with those cost-savings.


It’s not a challenge if you really look at the hard numbers, if you have to hire one or two people to get something done in half-an-hour, just pay for the software! You can take the software anywhere - you don’t have to be in the office to use the software, and again, that’s becoming a bigger deal! You can easily pay for Wise-Sync with those cost-savings."


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