How Grassroots IT Transformed Their Financials From "Lumpy" to Lucid


Grassroots IT is an industry-renowned provider of managed IT support and cloud solutions, based in Queensland, Australia. Grassroots IT provide businesses with renowned tech support, everywhere from IT strategy and planning, down to cybersecurity and driving complete digital transformations.


Grassroots IT were using ConnectWise [Manage] and MYOB (later QuickBooks Desktop). They were manually re-keying invoice data, correcting human errors, and facing a "lumpy" profit and loss, which was costing their small business the precious time, energy, and money, that they simply didn't have.


When Ben Love, CEO, Grassroots IT, came to Wise-Sync, we did more than simply provide a solution; we performed the ultimate migration. We moved Grassroots IT from QuickBooks Desktop to cloud accounting package Xero, and implemented Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay, which involved an entire restructure of their chart of accounts, inventory, and more.


  • Saving 1-2 working days' worth of manpower
  • Cost-savings of $40,000 per year 
  • Time-savings of .5 - 1 FTE 
  • From a "lumpy" PNL to lucid reporting

I don't know where else we would have gone for that guidance.

Our entire chart of accounts, including the way we think about inventory and down payments, was led by Wise-Sync consulting, and that's been hugely valuable to us... I don't know where else we would have gone for that guidance, assistance, and growth.

Ben Love

Customer Story

Before migrating to the cloud, Ben Love, CEO, Grassroots IT, described their manual accounting processes as an "absolute pain in the backside, and a huge waste of time."

Their team were working extended hours to fix human errors, reverse out invoices, balance figures, and most importantly, to ensure information being sent between ConnectWise and MYOB (later QuickBooks Desktop) was kept up-to-date; a situation Love states, "was just abominable."

Love was in dire need of "future protection and proofing" for his Australian business. Grassroots IT were facing a "lumpy" profit and loss statement, while facilitating inventory within their system seemed unattainable.

When Xero came onto the scene, Love felt confident in what they had to offer, but he needed an industry-forward enabler to make the switch.

When Grassroots IT came to us, we provided more than the solution; we assured the ultimate migration. We moved Grassroots IT from QuickBooks Desktop to cloud accounting package Xero.

Further to this, we implemented Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay, which combined with ConnectWise Manage and Xero, allowed Grassroots IT to finally understand where their money was coming from, and where it was going to. This newfound financial visibility provided a whole “new level of clarity." 

On what he loves most about working with Wise-Sync, Love professes, "hands's the consulting piece," where Wise-Sync "was able to look at the system to see where we were, and where we needed to be."

Now, Grassroots IT has a thorough understanding of their inventory and down payments, while no longer having to spend time and energy double-checking data; it's completely automated.

With this unrivalled peace of mind, Grassroots IT save up to two working days' worth of manpower each week, including time-savings of .5 - 1 FTE, and now revel in the financial benefits of lucid reporting, including a clear profit and loss statement.

"Our monthly figures are already up-to-date because we sync daily, it's at the click of a button,* and three minutes later - it's done. There's a market increase in the visibility and clarity of the business because now, we have that information so readily up-to-date and so easily accessible."

*We've since launched Real-Time Sync (RTS) for a completely automated invoice lifecycle without a single click needed! Discover an all-new Wise-Sync here.