Wise-Sync - Wrap-Up from HTG Q2 - Dallas

Discover   Written by Paul MacNeill on May 9, 2015    

Wrapping up HTG Q2 - Dallas Texas, and Giving Away the Drone.

Today we wrapped up our 5 day HTG All event here in sunny Texas, where everything IS bigger (than Texas). I don't think that I've eaten more steak, sushi and BBQ in my life, but it certainly was worth the vist.

More importantly, it was great to connect with the many partners that called the Omni Hotel in Downtown Irvine Texas home for the last Week.

What's clear is that regardless of whether your providing Managed Services in Australia, Canada or North America; the same challenges apply across the globe. How do you sell you services, what about cloud; and more importantly how do you get your accounting data to it. The good thing that we were there to help the partners to see the light paved in Xero tade-show swag.

Whether you came to grab a 'Sync-Ninja' tee or a 'Syncalgesic' (Candy) the challenges apply with getting your accounting data from ConnectWise to QuickBooks, Sage, Great Plains or any other desktop accounting system.

The message was clear, era of Desktop Accounting with QuickBooks (et. Al)  will come to a close; and efficiency and cost savings favour those that take the leap into the clouds.

The clouds called shotgun and desktop gets the backseat (for good).

While downing some 5lb of delicious BBQ from Pecan Lodge, Pat Dolan from Varvid discussed how he had recently produced a channel video for Intuit at the QuickBooks Connect Sumit event held recently. Even as a video guy (and a past MSP to boot) he agreed, the writing was on the wall. When the CEO of Intuit gets up on stage and announces that cloud is the way forward (but no desktop will be left behind), one has to stop and think how the cloud strategy play will work with your desktop accounting file. You only need to look at the direct push forward for Online from every angle of the Intuit Website. It may not be in the next 1-2 years, but certainly Desktops riding in the back; with Online calling Shot-Gun for Good!

When Integration aligns with ConnectWise; only great things happen.

What was most impressive was to see the other integration partners IT Glue and Desk Director at the event to help partners to get better Customer Satsifaction and Awesome Documentation. Both alredy showing great customer support amongst the HTG Membership, a clear sign of just how awesome their products truely are.

We've personally been looking at IT Glue for our MSP business (Virage IT); and are proud to call ourselves a customer this weekend. Not only was I impressed with the product, but the thought of having all of our documentation in a system that was built for an MSP (by and MSP) makes the most sense. We afterall bought ConnectWise as it was built in this same way.

If you are asking yourself whether you've got the right system to manage documentation; and you've not signed up to IT Glue; then you best go there now. Do yourself a favour - Watch the Demo

Looking to hire a new Outbound Sales Talent to drive that growth; think again.

One of the real interesting points taken was the team at Managed Sales Pros (MSP), didn't have a single brochure, but was armed with one simple message. We Sell it; You Pay. Could the enagement be any more clear. When you actually break down the offer, they understand the Managed Services market, and are not afraid of picking up the phone and smashing out 80 calls a day, and you (as an Managed Service Provider) never have to worry about outblund calling again. Priceless.

I got to spend some time with Carrie from MSP, and over many cups of Coffee at the most amazing coffee place in dallas (ahh weekend), she extolled some of thes golden chestnuts.

"You can't expect someone to make calls, as well as do account management, inside sales, customer service.... and expect them to succeed. MSPs Callers are trained professionals; trained to get appointments. AND THAT'S IT, THAT'S ALL TEHY DO. Anyone that has a split role will always have a tendancy to find something else to do, rather than make that next COLD call."

That my friends is GOLD, GOLD Jerry.

I recalled IT Glue and Managed Sales Pros were all newbies at IT Nation 2014, to see the growth in the last nine months is extraordinary. Of course Desk Director has been around for a few years now; but with a larger proportion of HTG Members already using Desk Director, it's no wonder that everyone knew Phill.

Wise-Sync Special Giveaway:

Parrot Be Bop Drone. And the Winner IS.... {Watch the video it could be YOU!}

We've put together a little collection of what the lucky winner of the Be Bop drone will get to experience. Check out the cool stuff you can do with this nifty little gadget. It's certainly going to make one HTG member's day when they find out that it will be in the mail soon. Make sure you check out some of the Vendor Picks at the latter pater of the vid. 

HTG In Dallas


We always love coming to network with the fellow ConnectWise Partners, and here are just a few of our key take aways from the event

  • On Sales calls: get a professional; it will be chearper and more effective than 'Trying outbound yourself'
  • On Documentation: There are really two options, one IT Glue and the other Biz Docs. I'm sure there's a reason why so many partners are choosing IT Glue.
  • On Customer Experience: We'll we all know that Desk Director has this wrapped up, with their awesome portal and ticketing interface to ConnectWise. If you're an avid MAC fan, then keep an eye out for their MAC Agent, coming to a OS named after a feline, near you.
  • On Accounting: Ever wonder what it would be like to save $100k in admin costs. Then Wise-Sync, Xero and ConnectWise are #bettertogether. QuickBooks working out, maybe watch a couple of  customer stories - you'll be surprised.

With our new features that have been built to suit the US market and add additional value to our current partners, take advantage of our special HTG Demo. 

  • Integration to QuickBooks Online
  • Expanded integration for ConnectWise ticket details to Invoices.
  • Even more cool feature, too many to even list here.


HTG Special Demo  

Watch a demo to take to turbo charge your accounting system. 


If you have desktop accounting its time to make the change. Dont wait any longer.

Wise-Sync currently offers integration with two Cloud Accounting software platforms – Xero and Quickbooks Online.