Wise-Sync Learning: Workshop 2 (Journey & Products)

Product   Written by Paul MacNeill on Nov 17, 2016    

Wise-Sync Workshop (Sydney, May 2015):

2.  Journey & Products

From little things - Big things grow!

In this presentation Paul MacNeill takes you on a journey. From Small Business transformation to CLICK, CLICK, BOOM!

Virage IT, started as a small MSP in 2011. In 2012, the drive to create greater efficiencies and a desire to focus on prioritizing resources around their core products was about to change the face of this small MSP.

Introducing ConnectWise, a critical success factor for Virage IT. ConnectWise gave the tools needed to be able to measure efficiencies in the business along with profitability of agreements and so much more critical information.

Introducing Xero, the global leader in online accounting. Customers wanted to use Xero Online - The place to be now - Cloud Accounting.

Introducing Wise-Sync, created to help partners convert and improve their cash flow and finally giving them Single Record Batching - The single No. 1 greatest functionality of Wise-Sync today. Paul also introduces Wise-Pay, our only fully integrated multi-merchant payment solution for ConnectWise Manage and Sell, giving MSPS payment flexibility and control like never before.

Today, Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay still continue to evolve, creating new integration and new features and functionality ongoing, always looking to address customers needs.

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