Wise-Sync Version v4.3.8 Deployed

Discover   Written by Paul MacNeill on Feb 25, 2016    

We've updated Wise-Sync to include support for ConnectWise Version v2016.3 (which will go beta in the coming days). Included in this new release is support for complex tax mapping and re-archtecture of the way that purchase order taxes function to support changes made in v2016.3 (new feature for Purchase Order Taxes).

With our continued growth into the North Amercian market, the need for further support of complex taxes was the focus in this release. Wise-Sync now support full GL Mapping down to the Level, with taxes mapped based on the setup of the tax code in ConnectWise exclusively.

The inclusion of GL Level Taxes, will provide support for partners that are (looking) to make use of the Avalara Integration offered through ConnectWise.

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When complex taxes may apply to your situation:

  1. Where you have exclusions in your Tax Code setup in ConnectWise
  2. Where you have tax limits (Max per type) or per code limits, such as CT, OH and FL
  3. Where you have different tax rates that apply per level, and may not include specific types of revenue (Product, Services, Expenses)

If you'd like more information on complex taxes or would like to book a consulting session; don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

Image Credit: Leon Black (Inspired Techs) Wise-Sync Partner breaking the world skydiving record #awesome