Wise-Sync & Wise-Pay Update | 8 August 2019 Release

Releases   Written by Wise-Sync Ninjas on Aug 8, 2019    

A new version 4.6.6 / 1.6.6 for Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay is now available. These product releases include improved performance and communication updates, along with key bug fixes, and newly added capabilities to enrich the user experience.

The release highlights for Wise-Sync (v4.6.6) and Wise-Pay (v1.6.6) include advanced support for ConnectWise Manage v2019.5, compliance with QuickBooks Online 'Multiple Business Location' support, new in-app notifications for Datto Autotask PSA and Wise-Pay, along with other developments as outlined in detail below. 


Version 4.6.6 / 1.6.6

Wise-Sync - Version 4.6.6

Support for ConnectWise Manage v2019.5: 
  • Wise-Sync now supports ConnectWise Manage v2019.5.

ConnectWise REST API Beta Program: 
  • Following the migration of our API interactions to ConnectWise Manage from their progressive SOAP API to their REST API, we've made further improvements to augment these interactions in order to ensure both their seamless operation and overall efficiency.  

  • At present, we continue to perform the rigorous testing of these updates to confirm complete support for internal interactions with the ConnectWise REST API. 

  • Within the next few weeks, customers that are either using ConnectWise Manage v2019.4 or a later version, may receive an invitation to join our temporary beta Program. This will allow targeted customers to assist Wise-Sync in beta testing our integration with the ConnectWise REST API; those who are invited will receive further details as to the full program requirements. 

  • For those who participate in this beta program, our Wise-Sync Ninjas will update the ConnectWise Manage version you're using to the complete REST API interactions.

Support for QuickBooks' 'Multiple Business Location' Feature: 

  • Users of both ConnectWise Manage and QuickBooks Online reported experiencing issues with the QuickBooks Online (QBO) Automated Sales Tax feature, which was incorrectly applying tax. This major discrepancy was due to the fact that the location the item/s were being sold from, were not specified in the QBO invoice.

  • The issue explained in the previous point has now been resolved. Wise-Sync now provides full support for QBO's all-new 'Multiple Business Location' feature. This support is enabled through Wise-Sync's new 'Sync Shipping From' and 'Sync Shipping To' automated entry fields. 
  • In future, this support feature will also be available for Datto Autotask PSA users (so stay tuned for more information).
New In-App Notifications for Datto Autotask PSA Users:

  •  To ensure you never miss an important update, Wise-Sync now displays in-app notifications via the 'Wise-Sync for Datto Autotask PSA Sync' screen. 

For further updates regarding v4.6.6 or to discover more about how the new 'Sync Shipping From' and 'Sync Shipping To' features operate, you can view our full Release Notes here

Wise-Pay - Version 1.6.6 

All-New In-App Notifications for Wise-Pay Users:
  • To prioritise effective communication with Wise-Pay users, we've added a pivotal in-app notification feature. This ensures that important in-app notifications are now visible via the Wise-Pay login screen, so that users are up-to-date with the latest updates. 

  •  Previously, users that had the 'Invoice Source' (via the Merchant Account Details) set to 'ConnectWise' were unable to download surcharge invoices - this has now been corrected. 

For further updates regarding v1.6.6, you can view our full Release Notes here