Wise-Sync & Wise-Pay Update | 28 August 2019

Releases   Written by Wise-Sync Ninjas on Aug 28, 2019    

A new version 4.6.7 / 1.6.7 for Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay is now available. These product releases include bug fixes for both the ConnectWise Manage and Datto Autotask PSA invoice sync, along with significant improvements to the Wise-Pay user interface.

The release highlights for Wise-Sync (v4.6.7) and Wise-Pay (v1.6.7) include various corrections to the overall invoice sync functionality for both ConnectWise Manage and Datto Autotask PSA, an enhanced user interface for Wise-Pay users, and more.

Version 4.6.7 / 1.6.7

Wise-Sync - Version 4.6.7

ConnectWise Inventory Transactions on Invoice Sync:
  • Previously, there was a failure to create inventory transactions on an invoice sync where the name exceeded the Xero/QBO character limits for a Product ID.

  • Those who were experiencing this issue would've been faced with the warning "Failed to insert the COGS journal for this batch: Item code 'xxxxxxxx' is not valid." This warning will now appear as an error, in order to ensure that corrections can be made when necessary. 

  • This issue has now been corrected to coincide with the 'Extended Product ID Length Handling' setting, which can be found via your 'Wise-Sync Company' settings.

Datto Autotask PSA Invoice Sync:

Sync Negative Invoices as Credit Memos - 
  • As Datto Autotask PSA doesn't provide the ability to create 'Credit Memos' as a transaction type, it is strongly recommended to first void and correct invoices (at the source) when incorrect. Alternatively, you can also create a negative invoice in order to issue a credit to your customer.

  • Wise-Sync now syncs negative invoices to the accounting package as credit memos, which can then be applied to the appropriate invoice. 
Invoice Line Rounding - 
  • In some instances, syncing invoices to Xero in particular, would result in the following sync error "The line total xx.xx does not match the expected line total of xx.xx."

  • In the event that there's a mismatch, Wise-Sync will create a rounding adjustment. Wise-Sync now runs checks on totals, in order to ensure that the totals balance, and that they're also within a format that Xero can accept.
Rate Adjustments for 'Pre-Paid' or 'Contract Covered' Invoice Lines - 

  • We've applied rate adjustments for pre-paid or contract covered invoice lines: Wise-Sync will now substitute the gross value for the extended rate to seamlessly align with how Datto Autotask PSA calculates the line total. Following sync completion, a "Rate Adjustment Validation: An invoice line with the item code "xxxxx" has been adjusted..." will appear to notify you of this change.
Invoice Work Hours Posted to Invoices - 
  • Wise-Sync now posts the billable hours for labour invoice lines, instead of the actual work hours, which prevents rate calculation differences.
Xero Sync Error: Invoice already exists in a fully paid state - 
  • When syncing invoices to Xero, the error 'Invoice already exists in a fully paid state' would occur if an 'Accounts Payable' (supplier) invoice existed in Xero in a paid state. This has now been corrected; the sync only checks Xero for 'Accounts Receivable' invoices.
Datto Autotask Sync Error: The description field is mandatory for each line item
  • In the event that service lines coming from Datto Autotask PSA do not contain a description, or if the description contained a leading carriage returns or white spaces, the description field for each line item is now mandatory.

  • Wise-Sync will now use the 'Service Name' instead, whereby you'll also be provided with the following notification, "Service Invoice Description is blank, the Service Name has been used for {Item_Name}, please check Autotask and update the Service Invoice Description."

For further updates regarding v4.6.7, you can view our full Release Notes here.

Wise-Pay - Version 1.6.7


Wise-Pay User Interface Update:
  • Previously, users reported that essential Wise-Pay pop-ups would unexpectedly close if the user dragged their mouse outside of the pop-up window while attempting to either highlight, delete, or overwrite text - 

  • This inconvenience affected the following pop-ups: 'Add/Edit Payer Payment Method (bank or credit card)', 'Accept Terms', 'Add Payer', and 'Add Automatic Payment Mapping'. This UI-based issue has now been corrected, and is no longer an inconvenience.

For further updates regarding v1.6.7, you can view our full Release Notes here