Wise-Sync Now Supporting Xero Multi-Currency

News   Written by Paul MacNeill on Oct 15, 2014    

What A couple of weeks! We knew that many partners would kick off a new Financial Year with a change of Accounting Package (@xero), so I guess that said - it was always going to be busy as we make the dash towards the 1st of July, but what we didn't expect was the flurry of activity from other regions such as NZ, US and UK, who have been equally as active. It certainly makes it challenging to provide round-the-clock support for every possible timezone, but we've certainly pulled out all stops to keep our average response time for all enquiries and support tickets at under 1 hour!

Last month we completed our integration with BrainTree Payments, and this could not have happened sooner with nearly 30 orders in the last month! We also released our new Mini-Me plan - to help bring the affordability to the little guys who can also benefit from the features of Wise-Sync.


As we're hurtling towards our 100'th customer, it has really shown that when you focus on doing something right - people quickly make the differentiator on price to understand the value that tools like Wise-Sync can bring. Our aim is not to be just another integration, but to be THE integration to ConnectWise for Accounting. What has been  evident over the last month, is how the value which Wise-Sync is bringing to partners, when you see comments on Forums and Review sites, raving about how Wise-Sync delivers greater efficiency and improved  Financial Visibility - a simple feat though when you team with accounting packages like Xero. It is for this very reason that we're also developing Wise-Sync to provide an alternative for partners that want to move to QuickBooks online. We'll be showcasing our support for ConnectWise integration to QuickBooks Online at the IT Nation 2014 in Tampa, Florida in November.

So, back to our latest release, which I hope that you enjoy some of the smaller improvements as voted by our partners on our Enhancement Forum.

Wise-Sync Enhancements in this Release

  • ConnectWise Multi Currency Support for Xero Multi Currency Accounts
  • Advanced COGS Allocation Mapping for Inventory Transactions
  • Support for Multiple Tax Levels (Super Complex Tax Structures) - Big thanks to Eileen Wilson for this one!

User Voted Enhancements:

Partner Led Development:

  • Tax Code Validation Processes.

Minor Enhancements:

  • Display Date Time as dd-MMM-yyyy for our Partners in US who were getting confused.
  • Super Admin - Function to Terminate Sync in Progress

On the Road Map for 2014

  • Integration into QuickBooks Online
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Campaign Monitor Integration
  • Inventory Journal Logging / Auditing
  • Scheduled Sync
  • PAYG plan options for small companies

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