Building a Wiser Wise-Pay (Version Release: v1.3.1)

Software Development   Written by Paul MacNeill on Feb 13, 2017    

With your help, we're building a Wiser Wise-Pay.

One of the core mechanisms for great software, is building the functionality based on user feedback. As we're heading to over 350 partners for both Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay, and have very talented and dedicated partners, we're committed to channeling our energy to continue to blaze the trails of ConnectWise efficiency. With over 100+ 5 Star Reviews on the Connectwise Marketplace, it's little wonder that many of our partners provide great feedback on the way that we can improve our software. Whether it is to achieve better efficiencies or simplify processes; we're committed to unlocking this potential.

This feedback is greatly appreciated, so whether it is from our User Feature Forums, or direct email to our support team, we always look to continue to improve the Wise-Applications based on the needs of our partners alike.

With the release of Wise-Pay.  v1.3.1, we've incorporated a lot of new features, and enhancements that you, as users, have requested.  So together you're helping us to build even more wisely, so thank you.

v1.3.1 is one of our partner contributed biggest releases to date, which is why we've decided to hold a webinar to cover some of these great new features. Even if you're not using Wise-Pay, join us on the webinar to hear more about some of these awesome features that are saving partners over 95% of the time spent managing agreement billing and payment reconciliation.


Feature Release Webinar

There are just so many features that we've released in the last month, we needed a webinar just to cover the main functions that could save you countless hours.

Join us on  17 February 2017 at 10:00 AM (AEDT)  as we get you up-to-date with the new release. Register by clicking the button below.

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Whats new in Wise-Pay v1.3.1 

  • Check Scheduled Debits - Validates scheduled bank payments 24 hours prior to final due date.
  • Dynamic Payer Button Styles - Saved Bank / Credit Cards are now visually displayed, making it easier to know which payers have payment methods saved
  • Advanced Search and Filters - Easy filtering of payers, transactions and errors with the advanced search functions
  • Account / Merchant Switcher - Main menu changes, to allow easier switching between accounts and applications.
  • Dynamic Surcharges - Set surcharges based on Automatic Payment Terms to incentivise payers to make the switch.
  • Requeue Payments - Easier to re-schedule a failed auto-payment.
  • Company Logo added to Virtual Terminal and Pay Now
  • Updates scheduled payment - Your Accounting Package updates the expected payment date when the payment has been scheduled.

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