Wise-Pay Major Version Released (v1.2.0) - Automatic Credit Card Payment Processing

Software Development   Written by Paul MacNeill on Mar 2, 2016    

We've just released our first major update for Wise-Pay. This version brings a raft of new functions and changes to the home screen which improves usability and display of important information. Users can now see more information and interact with scheduled and real-time payment information, as well as fix past transaction failures so they are cleared from the screen (they still appear in the transaction logs though).

The most notable addition is the support for automatically scheduled real-time payments to credit cards which comes off the back of the support for bank accounts (Direct Debit / ACH) in our last release.

The new scheduling engine provides the capacity to process recurring agreement invoices when synced through Wise-Sync, clearly indicating when transactions have been automatically scheduled. By processing  payments in real-time against the Payer's approved payment method, this process can make light work of end-of (or start-of) month procedures - automatically collecting payment and applying to your agreement invoices.

It was  a monumental release (in our terms) with over 34 updates in this release alone.

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Just a Few New Features In This Release:

  1. Automated Credit Card Scheduling
  2. Update to Wise-Sync to show Automatic-Payments in a separate log result (not blended in with other sync result information).
  3. Ability to auto-approve draft invoices scheduled for payment (Xero only)
  4. Ability to clear failed transactions from the "Failed Transaction" widget. This widget will only display when there is a transaction that has not been marked as fixed
  5. New workflow for allocation of payment to an alternative invoice where the original invoice has been voided / deleted.
  6. Ability for Payers to add and manage their own cards and bank details
  7. Update to the Admin screen to highlight which Payers have auto-payments linked

If you'd like more information on Wise-Pay or would like to book a consulting session; don't hesitate to reach out to our team on support@wise-sync.com


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