When Ninjas Fall from the Sky... With Xero at least they can work from anywhere!

Discover   Written by Paul MacNeill on Jun 9, 2015    

It Starts with an awesome Out of Office.

Earlier this month we had an unusual response from of our long time customers as we sent out our call for the Ninja Army to mobilise at the ConnectWise user group event held in Sydney on the 22nd of May. Normally following an email blast, we get a cascade of Out of Office emails; with all the usual blah-di-blahs.

What piqued our attention was a slightly different one from fellow HTG Member Leon Black from Inspired Techs, and it wen't a little something like this.
Dear Awesome Client,
Thank you for your email, I am going to be in the US participating in the Australian Skydive Record Attempt in Perris California from Monday 18/5/15 returning to work Friday 5/6/15.
During this time I will respond to emails occasionally.

Wise-Sync Ninja Fly

Seriously, could you have a more awesome OOA. No, I'm not in a meeting, not traveling for business, or pretending that I'm on holidays with my family when I'm really attached to my smart-phone which is blurting email notifications every few seconds. I'm jumping out of a plane. And will be time and time again until we nail the 112 person skydive attempt.

What made it even more awesome, one was of our Ninjas had blown off the ConnectWise UG to be part of a record attempt of Aussies jumping out of a plane in the US. Not sure if that is something to be proud of; as Arnie does put on a pretty good show, something that in true Aussie Spirit, the free drinks and dinner is normally most patroned event out of all ConnectWise User Groups. 

Wise-Sync Ninjas in formation

So it's some time later - around 15 days later, and what was clear was that; like all Sky Dive attempts that getting 112 of your 'Closest' mates to form a 'Ninja Star' no-less was going to be tough.


The good news is that on their last attempt; they nailed it. It may not have been the preferred 7-point Ninja star, opting for the 6-pointer, enough to still smash the record. 

So you're wondering how does one make the transition from MSP Business Owner to adrenalin fuelled leap out of a plane; some 11,927kms from home.

The answer's simple, They use the clouds for accounting and in Leon's case it's Xero.

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