When a chance encounter yields the answer to the promises that can't be delivered.. Quosal Payments

Discover   Written by Paul MacNeill on Jun 2, 2015    

Quosal Payments coming to a Merchant Gateway near you. 

It was the pre-day (Quosal Training) that had all the partners talking-a-flutter. Having been in the HTG Q2 meetings for the last three days; we missed out hearing about the new features and road-map scheduled for Quosal in the coming months. Having caught up with a number of ConnectWise partners after the event at the drinks, it was interesting to hear that Kent McNall had made promises to bring Order Porter Payments to ANZ Partners. Prefaced with Roadmap - Unknown, Time to resolution - Unknown, it didn't look promising, but still a commitment nonetheless.


I caught up with Kent at the after event (drink's) and piqued his interest was a little info piece that I handed to him, announcing "Wise-Pay" a Multi-Merchant Payment solution for ConnectWise Partners.

When I explained how we would be able to handle the 'Pre-Payment' type charges via our Payment Gateway, he immediately cleared the way to Sam Demulling, saying 'Wise-Pay's going to solve our Payment Problem (aka. Promises made earlier that day)'. 

After a couple of emails of technical requirements; we were able to deliver a initial scope of specification to enable Quosal Payments through Wise-Pay; coming Q4 2015.

Even Kent was excited to hear about our payment platform, opening the door for products such as Quosal to interface with software giants such as Xero and QuickBooks Online.


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