Webinar Recap | Survive and Thrive: How to Navigate Your Business Through Uncharted Economic Times

Discover   Written by Eve Zaidan on Apr 27, 2020    

Wise-Sync presents Survive and Thrive, a webinar series specially dedicated to sharing key insights and industry-led advice to guide fellow businesses facing an economic downturn. 

The second segment in our series, 'Navigating your business through uncharted economic times,' was expert-led by Richard Boyce, Executive Director at BOYCE Family Office, David Hendry, Commercial Manager at McKenzie Ross Insurance Brokers, and Paul MacNeill, CEO & Founder of Wise-Sync

This webinar provides a foundational guide*** into how to think strategically about the future amid the unknown, together with the essential guide for mitigating risk within the technical services industry, and more critical information. To briefly recap this webinar, please see our summary below, which includes a live recording for your viewing: 

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In today's webinar, Richard Boyce, a chartered accountant in Australia and the Asia-Pacific for more than 30 years, is perfectly complemented by David Hendry, who brings more than 20 years' experience in the insurance industry, together with Paul MacNeill, CEO & Founder of Wise-Sync.

In this webinar, our expert-led panel discuss how to strategise for the future amid the unknown, which majorly consists of, the key considerations you need to be mindful of before cancelling any subscription, such as workplace considerations, OH&S, elements of exposure, and product risk. Here, the panel explains the integral role of public liability insurance and professional indemnity cover, and what this means for you. 

Further to this, the panel delves into how to mitigate risk within the technical services' industry, practical approaches for cutting operational costs, an insight into how policy triggers work in alignment with professional indemnity cover, and the essential work from home toolkit for any business making the switch to a remote work setting. 

For the full recap, simply watch the video recording above. 


Survive and Thrive Webinar Series

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***DISCLAIMER of General Advice: The information provided to you during this webinar and throughout this blog post, is general in nature only and not specific to your circumstances. Wise-Sync and our panel of experts disclaim all liability for any losses or damages arising in relation to the information provided. We recommend you obtain any legal and financial advice for your specific situation from your trusted advisors.