The Rise of MSP+OS: Five Pioneering Companies Unite to Revolutionize the TSP World

We sit down with newly appointed Chief Executive, Adam Bielanski, to discuss this new groundbreaking company set to fuel the future of empowered IT and Managed Service Providers: MSP+OS

Five innovative companies - Sierra Pacific Group, Delta Vita, XPM2 Partners, Stack Advisors, and ConnectStrat, have joined forces to revolutionize the world of Technical Service Providers through MSP+OS - 

A trailblazing company built to equip and empower business leaders to turn their ambition into an actuality, with an all-encompassing, client-centric approach designed to cover everything from systems optimization and data migration, through to executive coaching and consulting. 

Introducing an unprecedented breakthrough in consulting services, MSP+OS goes above and beyond traditional approaches by providing unmatched, customized solutions that enhance operations, foster innovation, and optimize processes.

With such extensive experience combined, MSP+OS aims to become the ultimate one-stop shop for all MSP and TSP consulting needs. This alliance is poised to bring about a seismic shift in the Managed Service Provider and IT Services sectors, introducing a brand new era of innovation and growth.

Adam Bielanski, the visionary CEO of the former Sierra Pacific Group (SPG), and now Chief Executive of MSP+OS, is driven by an unwavering passion to empower and elevate the success of all TSPs - 

"It's been our greatest return on relationship."

With an expansive background from having run his own MSP, which he strategically exited and sold to establish SPG, Adam brings a rare blend of empathy and practical expertise to the table, where he mentors and supports fellow entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses for long-term success.

Fueled by an unyielding desire to empower and elevate the triumph of every TSP, Adam is fueled by an even greater fervor through MSP+OS. He not only acknowledges but firmly believes that MSP+OS is a groundbreaking force, a game-changer that will redefine the very essence of TSP success.


The leaders of each of these five companies that have now come together, are all sitting in the exact seats they've been sitting in - 

But now, they’re solely focussed. Now that we have a bigger team, their job actually gets more narrow, which is exceptional because what this means is, they're now able to delegate and grow. 

That’s what’s exciting to me, is the amount of work that each of us will take on within our zones of genius.

MSP+OS is structured to help the small guys all the way through to the big guys. And every single one of our service offerings has different tiers depending on the business mode that you operate in. 

So how this affects the industry, is the amount of material that we're now able to develop while becoming the standard; becoming an emerging leader second to none. 

There is no other consulting agency like MSP+OS. We're going to affect the entire industry as a whole.

At the core of MSP+OS' approach to crafting personalized strategies for maximum impact lies a thorough business evaluation, where their profound expertise in harnessing the power of "strategic transformation" transforms visionary concepts into tangible realities.

MSP+OS has a mission to transcend mere consultation: MSP+OS stands to reshape business leaders as they're guided on a journey of pure transformation from their initial vision, all the way through to having tangible impact. 


We care about our end clients. We’re self-funded and we’re not dictated by the profits. Our return on investment is simply, a return on relationship. 

It fuels my fire to be able to keep doing more in this space; to see it come to fruition, and to witness the impact we're having. 

I absolutely love what I do. I have a passion for leading and growing MSP companies and seeing them mature without having to have the stress and the headaches of operating a business - 

And life can be a lot easier if you craft the life that you want with the business that you have, especially when you possess an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Naturally, our return of relationship is grounded in having a genuine and authentic connection with people and being able to help them avoid these frustrations; that's what's going to set us apart. 

Based in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada, and with a strong presence in six countries spanning five continents, MSP+OS heads the forefront of the IT consultancy industry; reshaping the global landscape of MSP and IT Services.

MSP+OS' guidance is motivated by none other than its six founding principles: Vision, People, Profit, Growth, Operations, and Security.

About the Five Companies Behind MSP+OS:

  • Sierra Pacific Group: The driving force behind operational service consulting, systems integrations, and the dynamic scaling of sales, service, and finance teams.
  • Delta Vida: A tech-centric consultancy that excels at optimizing business operations through expertly handling mergers, acquisitions, and cross-industry project management.
  • XPM2 Partners: Renowned for their holistic approach to post-merger integration, efficient project management, and optimization of business processes.
  • Stack Advisors: An MSP-focused agency that offers cutting-edge automation solutions for scalable and optimized operations.
  • ConnectStrat: The leading authority in strategic business coaching, with a laser focus on propelling leadership and growth in the IT sector through tailored coaching and strategy.

Regardless of providing executive coaching or engineering innovative solutions, MSP+OS is steadfast in its unwavering commitment to enable and uplift IT firms with data-driven strategies from conception through to impactful execution.

Discover MSP+OS:

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You'll be sure to spot one of MSP+OS' several team members in attendance - you can view the full event agenda here