How agile development helped to prevent the next nuclear launch for Fully Managed - Version Releases Wise-Sync v4.3.10 & Wise-Pay v1.2.1

Software Development   Written by Paul MacNeill on Mar 11, 2016    

One of the benefits of operating in an true Agile Methodology is not the hipster beards or plaid shirts, it's the ability to move with the needs of your customers. Earlier this week we received an interesting call for help (A.K.A support request) from our friends at Fully Managed asking for a feature that would help to prevent the next Nuclear Launch. I knew their pain. Sync ALL. It was one of those features that we just can't take back - allowing you to sync all of your records with no thought or recollection of what you did last friday night. It's like the Member Grouping of expense records, but worse - oh the shame.

For the unsuspecting, Sync All unleashes a sync process that will eliminate your unposted records, sync payments and in some cases wreak havoc on the processes that rely on controlled sync environments.

Sync all, as it will, (can) create a mess. We were hesitant to create and later wanted to remove the feature, but some people were happy with the function that it provided - and voted for it to stay.

We knew that enough was enough, we had to trump this new feature (pun for our US. Partners #makedonalddrumphagain). So, as simple as it may be - we've added the option for you to now HIDE the sync all button - shame you cant do the same with Trump in your facebook feed.

You can edit this setting under your Account > Options settings. Enabled "Hide Sync All" and avoid the next nuclear launch, unleashed by an unsuspecting (Sync All) button pressing bandit. 

With this release, we also took the liberty to release support for Authorize.Net for real time (Credit Card) processing, so now you can bring your Auth.Net account to Wise-Pay and continue to process with your existing provider.

There're also a number of other smaller updates, including an in-page notification when your session is about to expire (special apology to ConnectWise Support), as partners were getting a pesky Wise-Sync notification when their session was coming to a close, that took focus of all the windows in ConnectWise. Very pesky indeed.

So in all, this release brings with it some goodies that you can take into the weekend - knowing that you're safe (in a Commonwealth nation) from the tyrannical irony of some really weird political struggles.



Here's some of the features in this release:



  1. Notification of Session Timeout now displays as In App Message.
  2. Shows loading spinner now on Login.

View Wise-Sync Release Notes


  1. Merchant Integration Support: Authorize.Net
  2. Improved performance of Add-Payer dialog for companies with > 200 customer records
  3. Allow Sorting of Add Payer Result Fields
  4. Accept Terms for Update of Auto-Payment Card / Bank Accounts for linked Payers Accounts. Ensures that the terms for Auto-Payment are accepted again if a credit card / bank account is changed in the system.
  5. Guest Confirmation Page does not require un-authenticated payment process to download surcharge invoice.
  6. Payments that fail due to permanent failure reasons (Invalid Card, Insufficient Funds) will not retry.

View Wise-Pay Release Notes

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