Latest Release 21 Mar 2019

Releases   Written by Wise-Sync Ninjas on Mar 21, 2019    

A new version 4.6.4 / 1.6.4 for Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay is now available. This new version addresses key issues through bug fixes and optimisations, and includes some important performance improvements to overall enhance the user experience. 

Aside from squashing a few bugs, the Wise-Sync (v4.6.4) and Wise-Pay (v1.6.4) releases encapsulate some exciting updates and improvements, whereby highlights include, an ALL-NEW Wise-Sync for Datto Autotask multi-currency support feature, greater Datto Autotask integration, improved subscription management and more.

Version 4.6.4 / 1.6.4

Wise-Sync for Datto Autotask Updates

  • A NEW multi-currency support feature is now available - easily sync invoices to your accounting in its assigned currency.

Wise-Sync - NEW Multi-Currency Support Feature

  • Improved subscription management - for when your organisation needs that little bit of extra help with successfully syncing, head to your Account settings and simply request a proposal for consulting services. 
  • Enhanced capability to sync invoice contact information - we've migrated invoice contact details to your accounting package. 

Wise-Pay Updates

  • Allow your customers to pay an invoice faster than ever before when you use the new "Pay Now!" button via the invoice or email template (or both!) that you use to send invoices from Datto Autotask, which can also be configured.  

Wise-Pay - NEW Autotask Pay Now Button

  • Previously, merchants using Datto Autotask were unable to configure the 'Allow Finalise Partial Payments' setting, which has now been resolved. 
  • Revel in improved Account Merchant Configuration, Payer Admin, and various Payment Processing features, all of which, have been refined to correct bugs and to address merchants' reported issues. 

Platform Updates

  • Improved User Experience - with a reformed window refresh, now it's (even) easier to get the latest content. 
  • Request Consulting - for whenever you need consulting, simply request this directly from your Account in Wise-Sync. 

Bug Fixes

  • Automatic Payment Retry - Improved handling of Automatic Payments that could not be retried because their status was incorrectly marked as paid. This was generally caused by delays created by the 3rd party processing the payment.
  • User Offboarding - remove users, even if they are listed as your Wise-Sync Account's Billing Contact.
  • Outstanding Payments Widget - is now displaying the correct total amount outstanding for QBO customers.


  • Datto Autotask Invoices with No Number - upcoming improvements to allow QBO/Xero to generate invoice numbers when no invoice number exists in Datto Autotask.
  • Sync Service Dates - sync the service date from ConnectWise and Datto Autotask to invoice lines in QBO. 
  • Subscription Management - further improvements will be made in order to enable users to change the plan they're subscribed to; directly from their Account in Wise-Sync. 

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