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Discover   Written by Paul MacNeill on May 28, 2015    

Having just landed back from the ConnectWise LAN Down Under User Group in Sydney, on the 23rd of May. It was great to see this session centered around Admin and Back-Office functions, something that we're passionate about. The sessions covered off all things Finance and Accounting, so was a great place for us to have some pretty deep conversations about accounting integration and the reasons why partners are moving to the cloud (in droves). Sessions presented by Consulting Superstar Topher Barrow, helped partners get better insights into best practices in Agreements and general operational functions.  Having featured in over 100 (citation needed) ConnectWise University videos and Webinars; it's like we have our very own Kardashian here in Sydney.

Wise-Sync partners, Bec Paior from Geek in SA presented best practices on the benefits of Accounting setup for ConnectWise. It was great to see so many of our Wise-Sync Ninjas representing and supporting the Xero groundswell. I caught up with Bec at the dinner, to see how partners responded to the message, her insights were an awesome testimony to the Wise-Sync Product.

There were a LOT of partners still using MYOB and QuickBooks desktop, which I found interesting. It wasn't until we wen't through the pain points of Batching and Record Validation did it really become clear how much Wise-Sync does without us needing to interact with the output. So many of the common pain points like Batching, $0.01 invoices and tax validation are all handled in stride, something that you quickly forget the annoyances, which were fixed when we moved to Xero and Wise-Sync.

One partner alerted me to a new feature released (that I was not even aware of), where Wise-Sync copies the expense document from ConnectWise to Xero, saving the time of having to manage documents in the two different systems. An awesome function that just plugs another hole in expense management in ConnectWise. 

It wasn't until the end of the session that so many of those partners still using Desktop Accounting & Finance software like MYOB and QuickBooks made it known that they have already made the decision to move to cloud on 1st of July.

Wise-Sync Testimonial

If so many partners are leaving QuickBooks and MYOB to transition to Xero; would it be a sound investment to register for the MYOB IPO?

What was astounding was the sheer response from partners across the spectrum all looking to make the switch to Xero part of their EOFY plans. The great news is that Wise-Sync continues to be the integration of choice for partners looking to move to the cloud. We're just about to tip over 180 partners, and expected that we'll be closer to the 200 mark as we hurtle toward the busiest time of the (end of financial) year. 



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Wise-Sync currently offers integration with two Cloud Accounting software platforms – Xero and Quickbooks Online.