NEW Interface: Merchants, See Wise-Pay Just As Your Customers Do!

Experience Wise-Pay’s new look and feel from your customers’ eyes. Now, when you make invoice payments on your customers’ behalf, you’ll be navigated to Wise-Pay’s new payment interface. Simply click ‘Pay Now’ on a single invoice, and you’ll be taken to a secure view where you can select the desired payer for that customer account from a dropdown list; you'll then be able to select their saved payment method, or, enter a new one. 


With our new payment interface, you also have the ability to create a new payer while taking payment (or process a guest payment).


We're always striving to create a better experience for our users. As you can see above, we’ve also added a new toolbar option in Wise-Pay, enabling you to take a prepayment directly within Wise-Pay.

From the Virtual Terminal / Quicklink flow, you are now able to take payment for a known invoice or take a prepayment while in the field using our new payment interface.

These changes will be effective on all merchant accounts from Wednesday, 9 November (AEST) -  

Discover more via our Wise-Pay Release Notes 2021 article here.