A Whole New Payment Experience With Wise-Pay

Say goodbye to monotonous tasks, everywhere from banking checks to reconciling accounts

Say hello to your simplified payment collection with the all-new and improved Wise-Pay

Wise-Pay seamlessly reconciles invoice payments in your accounting platform, and automatically creates client invoices for credit card surcharge payments, overpayments and prepayments. With instant payment and zero-touch reconciliation -  you’ll never have to chase a payment again, it's that simple. 

*Here's what's NEW to Wise-Pay... drum roll, please...*


Build trust and skip the confusion

Transparency equals trust, and that means better business. No one likes hidden fees, so now with Wise-Pay - you can skip the confusion and maintain clear communication by showing your customers not only the credit cards you accept, but also the surcharges that come along with it.



Autonomous payment options for your customers

Now, your customers can either proceed straight to payment, or create a new payer account - no more inviting payers! When choosing to create an account, your customers will enjoy the added benefit of being able to select to pay via a bank account or credit card, and save their preferred payment method for an even faster, smoother experience next time.



Schedule CC (and bank) payments without an invitation

Now, not only can your customers make an immediate on-the-spot credit card payment without an account or login, but they can also decide to self-register, unlocking even more opportunities to make payments just that bit easier. Here, your customers can save their preferred payment method, enabling them to easily schedule future payments, and in turn, reduce the risk of overdue payments. 



ZERO transaction fees with bank debit payments 

Put an end to chasing payments, significantly improve your cashflow, and increase payment acceptance when you opt for bank debit payments. 

Previously, Wise-Pay partners utilizing guest payments, were able to click a link to make a one-time payment using a credit card - now, Wise-Pay users are provided the alternative option to make a bank debit (and avoid transaction fees). 

Instead of depending on your customers to manually pay you by using their card network, such as Mastercard or Visa, a bank debit uses the banks' network. It really is the wiser way to get paid!

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